Indian Salmon DEEP FRIED!! ? Super CRISPY UMAMI Food Village!

Indian Salmon DEEP FRIED!! ? Super CRISPY UMAMI Food Village!
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PATTANI, THAILAND – Welcome to Pattani province, in the deep South of Thailand! Today, along with my friend Muhammad from Papa Tagu (, visited two communities – one for a famous durian in the mountains. And two to the sea to a community that specializes in fourfinger threadfin fish, which is also called an Indian salmon (ปลากุเลา)!

Durian Monthong Sai Khao (ทุเรียนหมอนทองทรายขาว) – First we headed to a village called Sai Khao, which is a beautiful place on the side of the mountain. They are known for their fruit and especially for durian. They grow a type of “monthong durian” which is found around Thailand, but their version is slightly different and known to be the best quality in Thailand. It was exceptionally creamy and perfectly sweet, rich, and thick. Definitely the best monthong I’ve probably ever had. Still, I do prefer the small “durian baan” which usually have a stronger, smellier, and bitter taste. But it was a great experience and great to see the durian at the source.

Fourfinger Threadfin (Indian Salmon ปลากุเลา) – Next, we took a short drive to a coastal community where they fish for Fourfinger Threadfin (also known as Indian Salmon ปลากุเลา), and they preserve the fish in this village and then sell it. You’ll find this fish all over Thailand, and most of it comes from the coast of Pattani and Narathiwat. They set up a makeshift kitchen and deep fried pieces of the fish and finished it off with a huge amount of lime juice, chilies, and shallots. It was one of the greatest bursts of umami ever – so much flavor and age in that fish. If you close your eyes you might have thought it was a very mature aged cheese.

Another amazing day in Pattani, delicious food, and incredible people!

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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  1. I am amazed at how you handle fish bones when eating…I have heard so many stories of how people swallow fish bones and you never seem to have that concern!

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