Another one bites the dust | Boat Fails of the Week

Another one bites the dust | Boat Fails of the Week
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Its Monday which means its time for Boat Fails of the Week brought to you by Haulover Inlet!

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00:00 Crunch time @wp6.6
00:15 You spin me right round @tyswain_
00:39 Another one bites the dust @beanwesdorp
01:11 Save some ***** for the rest of us @bayrippers
01:43 High and dry @jake_brooks1027
01:55 Spa day @capitangeorgemiami
02:16 SUBaru @kid_usmc
02:28 Rental truck, rental boat @rasberry
02:41 Boom B**** get out the way
03:06 Leg day @myles_horn
03:13 Quattro power @nick_holloran
03:16 Good strategy though @graymeyer
03:38 Trike to haul a boat? Genius. @flyingladytours
03:53 Trim down for what? @jmacarina14
04:02 Noooooo….noooooo @kaylahenryy
04:17 Just the tip @dadszl1
04:40 Boat yoga @justin2deep
04:45 MEMES
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  1. They say money can't buy happiness. Have you ever seen someone sad on a jetski? I remember the old saying a boat owners happiest time is when he buy the boat and finally sells it.

  2. I was there when that guy bit the dust me and my parents were on our tender riding back to our prestige 500 and saw that and there had to have been 5+ tow boats and police vessels there

  3. what's in the skippers mind
    its my boat and I will put it ware I want to and don't care what you all think as I am the best skipper about and my brother is boat ramp king

  4. A rhetorical question…. Why, oh why does everyone try to power their way across a sandbar after they run aground, instead of just pushing back into the deeper waters? Are they so fixated on where they want to go that they can't accept reality? As a sailboat sailor, I always checked my charts, knew the depths, and NEVER ran aground in 50+ years of sailing.

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