Amazing Artists & Makers – People Are Awesome

Amazing Artists & Makers - People Are Awesome
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We’ve featured a lot of incredible people on People are Awesome with amazing physical skills and sporting talents, so we decided it’s time to showcase some other amazing talents. Check out this compilation of amazing artists, demonstrating their skills with time lapses of their artworks! From painters, to illustrators and sculptors. Get your artwork featured in next months compilation, submit your video at:
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Thanks to these Amazing Artists who submitted their videos:

Guitar on Tip of a Pencil
Artist Pours Paint on Canvas
Guy Paints Word on Wood
Artist Draws Face in One Continuous Line
Artist Shows Timelapse of Portrait Drawing
Hyperrealistic Dog Drawing
Girl with Balloon Spray Paint Art

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  1. As an aspiring artist, i must say… thank you for making this world a better and more beautiful place and i hope that one day i can be as good as the people shown in this video!

  2. everything in this was super impressive. one that sort of seem out of place was the painting of the girl with what looked like boxing gloves. it was good art none the less but the other art in the vid seemed to be on another level. anyway good art just the same. nice vid
    (Edit) just realized it was a kid drawing it. very impressive.

  3. To me the one we’re it spells awesome and he makes it like 3D is NOT that cool because you could tell he was not just doing it on the board you could see the out line of the word awesome already ON the board so it’s not much of a talent he just copied something?

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