Salt Crusted Tilapia – THAI STREET FOOD Tour in Isaan!! | Kalasin, Thailand!

Salt Crusted Tilapia - THAI STREET FOOD Tour in Isaan!! | Kalasin, Thailand!
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Kalasin, Thailand (กาฬสินธุ์) – Welcome to Kalasin, Thailand, a laid back town and province in Isaan (the northeastern region) of Thailand. Today, we’re going on a Thai street food tour of Kalasin starting early – really early – in the morning.

Gai Yang Yai Duan (ไก่ย่างยายเดือน) – Opening from 1 am and selling out by dawn, Gai Yang Yai Duan is a legendary Thai grilled chicken street food stall at the market in Kalasin. The chicken is tasty, especially when dipped in fermented fish sauce chili dip with sticky rice. Nothing like a little grilled chicken at 4 am to wake up to. Price – 30 THB ($1.00) per piece

Kuay Jab Rong Ngew (ร้านก๋วยจั๊บโรงงิ้ว) – Another early morning stall is Kuay Jab Rong Ngew, serving a dish called Kuay Jab, but the Isaan version which is soft rice noodles in a thick porridge like gravy. It’s quite tasty and soothing, especially good on a cool morning. Price – 20 THB ($0.67) per bowl

Jay Du Pla Pao (เจ๊ตุ๊ ปลาเผา ส้มตำ) – One of the popular Thai street foods in Isaan is pla pao, or salt crusted roasted fish. The fish is stuffed with pandan leaves, coated in a thick layer of salt, and then grilled over charcoal. You order a fish, some freshly pounded green papaya salad, and you’re ready for the ultimate lunchtime meal in Kalasin. Jay Du Pla Pao is a fantastic market stall street food restaurant where you can be guaranteed fresh and hotly grilled tilapia. Total price – 170 THB ($5.68)

Khao Jee Pab Jang (ข้าวจี้ปั๊บจัง) – Finally to finish off this Thai street food tour of Kalasin, we’re going to eat what is possibly the original rice burger – sticky rice burger coated in duck egg yolk and grill over charcoal. It’s simple, hearty, and fragrant. A perfect afternoon snack when you’re in Kalasin, Thailand. Price – 5 THB ($0.17) per piece

Kalasin is not a hugely popular province to visit in Thailand, but there is so good food, people are extremely famous, and you can see real dinosaur footprints!



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  1. I like what mr.mark wein about the food he eat his reaction was so amazing when he was taste the dish always reaction wow.keep it up idol thanks.

  2. I don't quite get the point of buying grilled chicken at 4:30AM. Unless you work at nights or spent the night partying. Or is the food sold that time of the day meant to be microwaved lunch for the working person?

  3. I love how you get extremely delicious food in the very early am´s and the very late pm´s…In Germany people would revolt if someone would have to work at those times and give out food!!!!

  4. Mark Wiens, u have given me a new perspective on my approach to food. There is joy in the selection, joy in the preparation, the ingredients, the presentation, the tasting, the smelling and the eating. Joy in every culture! Ultimate joy in watching your show.

  5. I live in a rural area now, where I can't procure all the ingredients for these dishes, im dying to try them ALL, only I can't do spicy :((
    I adore this family and especially their beliefs. I can't tell you how much respect I have for them. God bless them all. And I pray the Lord keeps them safe.

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