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Lava Storm – Lori and John Wilson, employees of an emergency response center, must find a way to survive the initial lava storms, to save John’s father and their two teenage children. Even more importantly, they must find a way to slow the path of the lava storms, to give humankind the time to find a solution to this natural disaster, in order to save humanity and our Earth.

Stars: Ian Ziering, Valérie Valois, Vlasta Vrana

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  1. Craziest point to shoot a damn… Middle of the drainage… Most water will flow just through there. Even a bridge near damn is more secure and safe and going to sidewall is ofc out of the question… And then direction of the lavaflow is quite different than where water will flow. It's not explained or not likely that lava tubes that they are trying to cool down will be on that direction. Adding water to random direction doesn't help a bit. And if all the explained ash, that covers most of western hemisphere with thick layer, comes from single vent, it should be enormous and getting nearby (aka. same mountain/1-2km near damn) is unlikely.

    As crazy is going to mountain tunnels when it has lava flows. It is likely that whole mountain is filled with erupting gases (most comes from lava) and most likely will be heated over survivable temperatures.

    Pyroclastic cloud that runs with speeds like 300km/h can't be outrunned. And they will cover several kilometers over the sea, so one damn would be pretty likely crossed in less than a second and keeps going with temps nearing several hundreds of degrees burning everything in its path.

    And when that amount of water hits lava that have flown to large surface area it will cause a huge vapor cloud that is boiling hot… Nothing like the scenes where lava flows to the sea (Hawaii?) as seen in the end of the movie. Random lava flows are made from different types of rock and that makes some clips funny to see…

  2. Fist of all,,l am in got all of 5 min. &Why let young adults talk like they are 'little 7–10 yr olds,duh?l will try but I if the movie&actors (script)doesn't fit,l won't be able to watch!!!

  3. اللهم قنا شر عذابك يوم تبعث عبادك واجعل اخر قولنا من الدنيا لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

  4. I would love to know the percentage of people in the 14K that liked movie actually commented as opposed to the percentage of 2K that disliked movie. There's a thesis study for somebody.

  5. This is such a bad movie. Poorly written. Father & son sat around doing nothing instead of father figuring out what to do with that thing. Mother acts like she doesnt have any professional training.

  6. i hate the young girl and young boy in this. movie .. i didnt see if how they are nervous and scared. and also i think only 5 people are there in movie ???

  7. Wow is this how Hollywood justifies it's existence by regurgitating PUTRID movies? Seriously disaster movies are garbage science, garbage acting and garbage entertainment.

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