Ghosts Caught On Camera – Paranormal Investigation from Churston Court Inn – Ghost Video

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This Ghostcircle DVD filmed in county Devon England, discovers a haunted Inn that has an enormous amount of paranormal activity going on. While filming there Ghostcircle captured on camera EVP’s, Raps, and other phenomena including some amazing revelations about buried treasure and a ghost that haunted a person to a suicidal death.

The Staff at the Inn have had lots of different experiences while working there, including poltergeist movement, ghostly sounds in the night, people being touched, guests seeing monks and children in various locations, and some very haunted bedrooms.

Ghostcircle held a physical circle with some staff and friends where they experienced physical phenomena produced by the energy of the circle. People saw faces change; hands disappear and some touched solid apparitions in front of them that were hot and cold to the touch. There are lots of good stories and phenomena in this DVD.


If you are looking for proof of ghosts caught on camera, then look no further.

Ghost videos don’t come more fascinating than this.

Ghostcircle are not your typical Ghost Hunters. We don’t chase Ghosts.The ghosts come to us.

Yes, we have caught real ghosts and paranormal activity on video.

Yes, we have our own TV show in the UK on Wednesday nights.

Yes, we share with you clips of scary horror stories & real ghost stories from all over Europe.

What you see here is just a sample.

We carry out live ghost hunts. Our real ghost videos include real paranormal activity caught on camera, EVP, Ectoplasm, Direct Voice & Physical Mediumship.


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UK TV Channels: SKY Channel 212, Freesat Channel 161




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