Viral Cat Video 2020? I'm a Mature Independent Man with My Own Individuality (looping video)

Viral Cat Video 2020? I'm a Mature Independent Man with My Own Individuality (looping video)
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Ok, this is a real silly video, it just reminds me of some real low IQ yet viral cat videos that are repeatedly looping to that point it washes out brains! I made this video coz my Burrito cat is turning almost 2 this year, and I always designed this slogan for him as part of his real mature mentality developed. Basically, it’s his teenage talk saying he doesn’t need mommy no more. (He stopped hanging out w me like he did when was a baby).

Disclaimer: This may not be an actual viral cat video in 2020, but if we wait till 3020 it might be… Who knows? If you’re into hilarious cat edits, gags, or just in for some quick funny cat videos this is it!

P.S. There are funny cat talk videos I made as part of the cat mom playlist, check them if you’re in to it~



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