Orphaned baby FOX rescued after mothers tragic death

Orphaned baby FOX rescued after mothers tragic death
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DISCLAIMER: Whilst this video was filmed before the government lockdown, Wildlife Aid is a veterinary hospital and is, as such, classified as an ‘essential service’ by the UK government. Full PPE and physical distancing procedures were followed throughout.

At this time of year, calls to rescue young fox cubs (also called kits or pups) skyrocket and, in just two weeks, we already have 26 here at the centre!

Early one morning, Stuart, one of our rescuers, was called out to rescue a young fox cub that was found lying next to his very weak mother. They were rushed back to the centre but, although the cub was unharmed, the mother sadly passed away during treatment (it later turned out she had been shot and was likely poisoned). Unfortunately, during the initial rescue, another cub was spotted in the den, so Lawrie set out to try and save it from a grisly fate…

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  1. My quail chick is not eating and has a diarrhea (I think).I tried giving it sugar water but it is not helping .IS THERE ANY THING I CAN DO TO SAVE IT.

  2. Aww, poor babe. Not only did you wake her up when she was asleep, but you made her suffer a cold stethoscope! The indignity you put a baby through! 😉

  3. The text on screen flashes for what looks like just one frame and can't be read. It's happened frequently. Is there a glitch in your editing software?

  4. Aha found the stethoscope comment in the video 😂
    Hope you guys are/stay safe through this and thank you for helping our furry little friends.
    Went to take a peek at the fox cubs and was excited to see how fast these little fellas grew!

    Btw might want to update the Fox cub 2 livestream description, I think I noticed a 5th little one instead of the 4 mentioned?
    I'm sure these numbers must be growing too fast to keep updating with the baby season here though

  5. I just hope, mama can rest a little bit more easy, knowing her little ones are save.
    Thank you for your hard work and love. Stay save in this dark time, I hope all of you are well.

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