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  1. The "bomb disposal" video left me scratching my head. Is he really that stupid?? He just reaches in–with no protective gear on–and grabs it with both hands. Seriously, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT WOULD HAPPEN?? Even the way that the other officers were handling the bomb, was totally ridiculous! Lifting it up on a line; holding it out like it were a trout they just caught. DUMB AS ROCKS!!!

  2. That Yamamoto was one BAD dude! "rising out of the fire, to fight yet another day". What would you expect though, from a Yamamoto!…………

  3. Wrong. The commentator made a mistake on the tornadoes. The first tornado was in Minnesota in 1987. KARE 11 news covered that live footage of the tornado on a Friday afternoon in August. Now, the 2nd tornado was in 1991 in Kansas in the spring time. These two tornadoes occurred years apart from one another. The two tornadoes are fun to watch and are really good pieces of footage.

  4. 18:43 HOPE who ever pulled that Stunt causing her to fall, Gets theirs, IN SPADES! 43:55 I CANNOT believe, Too Short a rope, Not enough to pull Both of them back Up?? I wondered what happened to the Magnum P.I. helicopter…Tiny is one for the 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'

  5. Now that we have electric vehicles that can preform really well, I wonder how long it will take for electric vehicle races, and what will happen when (not if) the batteries explode and/or catch fire. Will those vehicles be any safer than what we have now, for racing? Only time will tell.

    I wonder what "Tiny" is doing today? He deserved another medal – this time as a civilian.

  6. The person that puts a bomb or anyother device that can or will hurt someone from far away is a fucking coward. I am not the perfect person to be commenting on this because the way I may handle things like self-defense is mabe far from the regular but I would never hurt or try to and hurt someone for no reason nor would I do it from afar and a coward. I can only thing to persons that try this cowarly tactic if you feel though not condoning it you have to do something like a bomb or some Bullshit like that then try it looking the person in the eye especially us Americans cuz if you you do you will learn what we as Americans really do when attacked we stick together and you will see what real patriots are despite the mainstream media and other bullshit political agendas ecsist !!! 😉

  7. What tiny had was God power, it's when you see a loved one about to die and your brain says no way is this gonna happen and gives your body the adrenaline to do the unthinkable…..what a bad ass

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