Our Hometown Was Destroyed By A Tornado

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A massive tornado has ripped through Nashville TN and destroyed a large portion of the city. Follow the link below to learn how you can help!
HOW TO HELP: https://bit.ly/2vjC5Fr
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Shot by Sydney and Nathan. Edited by Bobby. Starring Bobby, Nathan, and Sydney.

Bobby Burns is a recording artist and entertainer based out of Nashville, Tennessee.
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  1. Bobby Burns you are such a brilliant and intelligent individual and why people have treated you the way they did over the years is disgusting and nasty and that whole lie detector thing was utter bulls$%t and you deserve a better career than most of the influencers and snobs that exist today. 😁

  2. Whattt I live in Tennessee had no idea that’s where you’re from. But what happened in Nashville was tragic. Let’s hope they have enough support to rebuild what was destroyed. Praying for those who lost loved ones❤️

  3. I’m so sorry for all of this..it’s really hard to look at these images and videos and to hear you guys talk about how sad this is…I really hope everyone here watching this video is okay if you live in Nashville, Tennessee. I hope you guys get everything fixed and Trump helps fund the buildings that you need fixed. You guys are so amazing and I honestly hope your all okay..

  4. Just visited Nashville on a school trip. It really hit home for me how horrible it was. I’m defiantly donating more once I get paid. I already donated some. I wish I could come back and help but I’m very susceptible to the virus going around right now so it’s not good for me to be out at all. Thank you for donating your ad revenue. Nashville has always held a special place in my heart and I hope to help as much as I can.

  5. I live about 30 minutes outside of Nashville. I’m going to college there this fall. I have friends that live there that were affected. So many places we’ve made memories at were destroyed. We met Tom Kenny at the Soda Parlor which was hit by the storm. It’s crazy that this happened so close to home.

  6. Ive lived in Colorado now for 12 years, but I grew up in TN. I remember when 7 tornados ripped through my town. God I dont miss it at all…my heart goes out to the victims.

  7. Bobby, I dkdmt kmow You were from Nashville Tennessee, I'm from Nashville,Ar.And My Dad was a truckdriver so I used to ride through there with Him all the time and We would go to the grand ol opry and all!

  8. That same group of tornadoes was heading straight our way and took a quick turn and destroyed Lebanon instead. We were so fortunate,sadly so many were not! If anyone can donate or volunteer in this area,please do.

  9. Glad that you guys are okay.
    I live in the Mt.Juliet-Lebanon area where the tornado hit pretty bad. Luckily my family is safe and our house had minimal damage, but my neighborhood’s a mess. Some houses are flattened, and many will have to get completely redone. It’s a crazy mess right now, but thankfully everyone’s coming together and hopefully things will get back to normal sometime soon.

  10. I started watching you because you lived here. That was the scariest night of my life. I thought me, and my son were gonna die that night.
    I do feel you're kinda wrong though. Right now I'm demonizing the NWS (national weather service) because they didn't release a warning until it had been on the ground for a few mins!! 😠
    Death tolls are always high when they hit in the middle of the night, but to not have issued a warning!!!??? Im STILL pissed about it!! And I feel not having a warning contributed to the high death number!!

  11. I used to live in Nashville but now I live slightly south from that. It hurts my heart that this happened so close to me. My heart goes out to those who have lost someone and those who have lost their irreplaceable valuables.

  12. Dude my school has been telling the kids to send in stuff for the people who have lost their homes. I live in TN too and I don’t live in the area where the tornadoes had hit but it’s scary, and really sad how many people lost their homes.

  13. It really is strange when a disaster happens right down the road from you. On TV it's just a sad awful thing but when it's right outside your own door it's insane

  14. Sorry to hear on what happened. I understand that you would grow up living with Nashville with all the memories that would have been destroyed by the tornado but it's good that you and the others are alive, something to be thankful for this this difficult time. I hope you all will work together to restore Nashville and get through this, no matter how long it takes for the future of your Nashville.

  15. Hey Bobby. I was part of the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011. They were some of the worst earthquakes to occur in an urban environment, at least at that point. It killed hundreds of people, and literally destroyed the entire city center ontop of roads, houses, and infrastructure, to the point that ten years later we’re STILL rebuilding from it. However, I want to share with you a few things. During the weeks after the quakes, crime was at an all time low surprisingly, everyone was purely focused on helping each other. Everyone gathered at eachother’s houses holding earthquake parties and would just help eachother cope. And eventually, things got back to normal. During a tragedy like this, be a light. Go to a friend’s house with a few beers and have a tornado party. Go and help someone clean up their house. If everyone is kind, you will get through it.

  16. I'm wishing u safety Bobby and to the others who are hurt and lose family and business if their a donation I will definitely donated and help out it really sad what happened and I will do the best to help 🙏♥️

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