multigay | golden

multigay | golden
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Movies: Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island? / And Then We Danced / Get Real / Little Ashes / God’s Own Country / Against the Law / Sommersturm / The Death & Life of John F. Donovan / Out in the Dark / The Thing About Harry / Giant Little Ones / Matthias et Maxime / Dare / Napola / Freier Fall / Gewoon Vrienden / Burning Blue / Mario / Brokeback Mountain / Borstal Boy / 54: The Director’s Cut

Tv Shows: Man in an Orange Shirt / World on Fire / Merlí / El Juego de las Llaves / Sex Education / Ackley Bridge / Baby / London Spy / AJ & the Queen / Shameless / Élite / Doom Patrol / The Flash / A Place to Call Home / 13 Reasons Why

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the editing. The resources used in the video belongs to their respective owners.

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  1. Am I the only who gets chills from the first dialogue its so heartbreaking his face their faces that couple gave me goosebumps to think they aren’t a couple unbelievable.

  2. Some titles to help you finding out the movies and series :
    – Man in a orange shirt (several excerpts from this fabulous british TV-movie with Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Vanessa Redgrave – 2017)
    – Alata (Israeli movie)
    – And then we danced (Georgian movie)
    – Sex education (Adam & Eric storyline, UK series on Netflix)
    – God's own country (UK, 2017)
    – Merlí : Sapere aude (amazing series from Catalunya/Spain)
    – Free fall (German movie with Max Riemelt, who also played in Sense8)
    – Just friends (dutch movie)
    – Mario (swiss movie)
    – Brokeback Mountain (with Heath Ledger)
    – 1'54 : Québec movie with Antoine Olivier Pinon
    – The death and life of John F. Donovan (by canadian director Xavier Dolan, with Kit Harington and Natalie Portman)
    – Downtown Abbey (but not so sure about this one)
    and several others ?❤️

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