Final Fantasy 7 Remake – 1st Hidden Easter Egg (FF7 Remake First Hidden Reference)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - 1st Hidden Easter Egg (FF7 Remake First Hidden Reference)
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – 1st Hidden Easter Egg (FF7 Remake First Hidden Reference)

Today is a more exciting Monday than usual thanks to the surprise release of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo. You can finally download the long-rumored fragment of Remake, which includes Cloud’s first bombing mission against one of Shinra’s Mako reactors. Fans polished off the demo in record time (even though it launched around the ungodly hour of 3 a.m. ET) and are now killing time until release by looking for obscure references and bits of trivia.

Redditor ArceliaDesune found one such tidbit in the train station where Cloud and friends disembark before heading to the Mako reactor. If you glance at the wall near the turnstiles, you’ll see posters advertising “Banora White Apple Juice.” This is a direct reference to an item in 2007’s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, and it’s a good indication that the extended Final Fantasy 7 universe—a.k.a. “The Compilation of Final Fantasy 7” metaseries—does indeed hold some sway in Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s lore.

Banora is a town that appears exclusively in Crisis Core. Its warm climate and closeness to the Lifestream vein makes it possible to grow famous apples called Banora Whites. (Though they’re more blue-ish, really.) Banora Whites are also known as “dumbapples” because the trees bear fruit at random times during the year. Banora White Apple Juice is supposed to be as healthy and tasty as the train station ad proclaims, so it’s no surprise to learn it’s popular on the grimy streets of Midgar.

Banora and its apples are of significant importance to Crisis Core’s hero, Zack Fair, and its villain, Genesis Rhapsodos. Between the reference to the small town and President Shinra making mention of the Wutai war, it’s looking more like Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 plays a part in Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s story. Hopefully the awful, awful Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 for the PlayStation 2 won’t pollute Remake’s story in any way, shape, or form.

It’s worth mentioning vague references to “Barona White” can also be found in Final Fantasy 15, though the shout-out seems to have more to do with a beach resort than apples.



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