Rescue Poor Puppies was Abandoned in a cardboard Box in Forest | Amazing Transformation

Rescue Poor Puppies was Abandoned in a cardboard Box in Forest | Amazing Transformation
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Rescue Poor Puppies was Abandoned in a cardboard Box in Forest | Amazing Transformation

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I understand that some people have no more compassion for these innocent souls but instead of abandoning them to the edge of the forest in a cardboard box, it was better to have brought them to me with their mother … I could found them a place, but so … it’s almost impossible for me to can handdle it.
After that, I already have a lot of puppies and cats in my care … they were all I missed, 5 newborns, some of them still having the umbilical cord attached …

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  1. That is why I love animals more than people…in that case MONSTERS!!
    Thank you for helping these poor souls??❤…God bless you??????

  2. That was so cruel, and besides that, their real mom might have been in angusth looking for them…..her breasts waiting for breastfeed them

  3. You can tell by the markings on those 5 orphan puppies that they are not any of the grown puppies at the end of the video. Those 4 puppies at 2:45, the 3 bigger white puppies and the smaller black and white puppy are none of the 5 orphan puppies. So did the 5 orphan puppies die? Seriously, a lot of these videos switch out dogs and puppies.

  4. Muchísimas gracias x proteger a los bebitos inocentes y muy bonitos DIOS te va premiar x esa labor que ases tan bonita un fuerte abrazo y muchas bendiciones felicidades amén ??????❤❤❤

  5. So sad to see that it almost is no life in the little one, And again I start to cry just because of HUMANS AGAIN,… , sorry to say but I can not find a better word for humans who not have the compassion as a feeling and empathy for other spices. Where are the humans going it is not for empathy or compassion,
    that is gone.
    Can you hurt your friend, wife, your parents, your pet, your son/daughter, then you can hurt anything, but remember KARMA gonna get your a… !
    I believe that if you do good you gonna get it better… forever.
    Great work and lots of hugs and energy, I know that it is not much to help your situation financially, maybe
    mentally I do hope. Good job and great love to all of you.

  6. what a waste of a young life.. the baby probably died because it didn't receive proper medical care! ?you can't just lay them in hay and hope for the best!!!

  7. Some humans can be savage monsters that do this to a living being. Animals don't even do this. These people need to be hunted down and removed from our society or it will never be able to thrive. It's amazing how far we got with this bad behaviour.

  8. I guess they don't get enough milk from their poster mom…since they were plenty…at their age they need milk every 2 hrs…its a pity there's no enough hand to save them…you can not just keep them in the box without proper supervision…

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