Accident Caught On Camera | Police Make The Call

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Police decide if i can flyer or not and an accident during filming, dont miss this


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  1. How did you not hear that collision?!?! Lol. And there you have it the difference in lawn care and paramedicine….I would have ran down there ??❤️

  2. Damn, Doc! Didn't you just shave like…20 mins ago?! You are one hairy little Hobbit, aren't you! hahaha! Sarah, you gotta take a razor to that crabgrass!
    18 degrees? That's a heatwave, Brother! Good news about the flyers. Why did you open the garage door? Keep it closed, grab a lawn chair and relax with a beer! 😀
    Hi, Sarah!

  3. I know its this question is not related to flyers, but wondering how you go about getting your money from customers who are not wanting to pay? Learning very valuable lessons about monthly rates, doesn't seem to work out for me.

  4. HaHa, I saw that guys video and he should stick to giving advice on "Dabs" cuz he knows nothing about business or advertising.

  5. Great video and information Shane. Getting ready for mowing season here. You didn’t go wrong with Kawasaki for sure. Are they fuel injection? God Bless

  6. Shame from DLT lawncare ive been watching your videos since you first started and I wanted to say you and the mulch queen kick ass man. I went up to grove city ohio in 2018 to work at mount Carmel hospital I'm from Maryland but when I found out you were from Columbus ohio i though that was pretty cool anyway keep grinding away on the lawncare and making the videos and I'll keep watching……. thanks Shane

  7. My friend that is great that you are so informative and always find out and pass on everything you find out about what you are talking other business know what they can and cannot do when passing out flyers great job. Stay warm and safe. Sarge

  8. Great info there i.cut the weed,s in the yard yesterday today i installed a waher & dryer today it.was real fun .i need to know how much you want for that edger i.need one peace out dr real✌️

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