Capuchin Monkey Fascinated by Galaxy Slime!

Capuchin Monkey Fascinated by Galaxy Slime!
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Watch a curious capuchin monkey inspect strange slime from outer space!!! MonkeyBoo had a blast playing with his galaxy slime! Watch him break open the egg and react to the colorful putty stuff inside! He even sucks his finger out of pure amusement!

Do you believe in alien life?
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  1. Hi Pete Hi Boo!
    To answer your question about life on other planets, or anyplace else know or unknown my answer is…..YES. I love to think about and dream about it
    I've watched lots of videos before I go to sleep each night for awhile. This is my favorite! BOO loves this product compared to other name brand products that are similar. No crumbs, non stick, perfectly pliable and he didn't lick it!
    He was on a MONKEY mission with the Galaxy goop. Lastly 7
    Happy Birthday to you being sung by Marilyn Monroe.

  2. I have to agree with Pete regarding other life being out there in space. You really have to think about the vastness of space itself. It’s hard to describe exactly how large it is but saying how there’s millions of galaxies makes it almost undeniable that we would not be the only life in one galaxy amongst millions of other galaxies. Also like to imagine if there’s other earths and wonder what type of day in history they are in compared to us in our history.

  3. Boo is the cutest thing here on earth !!!!!. Do you have other monkeys too? I just subscribed to your channel so I don't really know everything yet. I just love when you take Boo to the drive up windows and surprise people. Is he really hard to take care of……….cook for? Can't wait to see more…..for now I'll watch all the reruns and catch up. From Bethlehem Pa The Christmas City.

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