STORM DENNIS FLOODS DAY 6&7: Ongoing floods throughout the UK!

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Aftermath of storms Ciara and Dennis on the UK and Ireland, 20th and 21st February 2020.



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  1. My house here in france is still available for a swap for a house in UK. we have 5 bedrooms, no mortgage. Looking for a 3 bedroomed home in UK with garage or room to build one.

  2. Look up in the sky ppl. Look at what they are spraying in our skies daily. They are doing this on purpose. Geoengineering weather control. Look up Dana Ashley channel. Mike morales Never lose truth2 This isn’t a conspiracy or a laughing matter. Wake the hell up ppl. Just look up in your sky and pay attention and you won’t have to wonder, you’ll see it with your own two eyed. It’s sad bc most ppl are just lost and dumbed down to the point they can’t see what’s right in their face

  3. It is obviously nearly over now for most of the UK no need to worry and most damage is limited to odd bits of unimportant property thank God!

  4. It must be so frustrating being the teams who are out there rescuing people that are trapped in their homes and vehicles, just watching some idiot drive right into the flood water and get stuck.

  5. I am truly lost with my species. it cries and moans at every disaster, disasters that are artificially created because of my species not having the intelligence to understand where it lives and how to live their without destroying the very thing it relies on for its existence. it shows this in the fact it embraces a system of endless growth in a space that is not endless. I've listened to all these people crying about they are homes been flooded time and time again. but not once have I heard one say we need to reduce our population so we do not need to keep building homes and covering the land in mmore and more concrete. otherwise this is going to get worse the more land we cover in concrete.

    I don't hear it. so it just shows you these people will put up with anything as long as they do not have to talk about population control. they do not have to have any restrictions upon them. Somebody said we are not overpopulated. Well if you do not have a policy on population control then the result of that will be overpopulation.

    so the more people you cram onto this island the more homes you build the worst this is going to be because there is nowhere for the water to go.

    Natural countryside can absorb 70% more water than farmlands, 100% more water than concrete and tarmac, so it is obvious why this is happening and no amount of money is going to solve it. because we have a species living on an island embracing an endless growth system in people that shows you the mentality of the people on this island doesn't it.

    especially when they vote people to govern them that based their policies on endless growth on an island. what more do I need to say to explain what is happening.

    We need a debate on prime-time television discussing the benefits of reducing our population, not only to our environment which we rely on for our existence but our own species future.. this debate is long overdue the only reason why it is not happening because my species is not as intelligent as it claims to be, that's why it can't deal with this subject it hasn't the emotional ability or the intelligence to discuss such a subject, and the main to emotions that govern over 98% of the human population is personal greed and selfishness, this is the reason why it can't solve anything.

    The human species can only save the environment if it can make money out of saving the environment, it is why your leaders are having such a hard time protecting the environment. because making money must come first, must be more important than protecting your environment.

  6. Such a shame to see all this happening, and the government still lack the enthusiasm to stop this. Every year is the same, and they give poor excuses.

  7. Floods all over the world, Mississippi Jacksonville is under water.. Jesus is coming soon, I pray I read my bible correctly that there is a rapture, or a taking away where we meet Jesus in the clouds..

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