Rescue Poor Puppy Was Crushed 10 Fingers & Great Ending

Rescue Poor Puppy Was Crushed 10 Fingers & Great Ending
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Rescue Poor Puppy Was Crushed 10 Fingers & Great Ending

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She just had a tragic accident.
Her hands were completely crushed.
The fingers are almost lost and only remain the bones.
Poor Puppy!

We cleaned the fingers, remove damaged elements.
After that, we bandaged carefully and always looked after in a special mode.

We gave her good antibiotics, hoping the wound would not be infected.

1 month later

She was completely healthy. She is enjoying a happy life.
She is always friendly, happy to friends in the new home.

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  1. What caused her accident? She was practically degloved. Are yall vets? OMGosh, the pain she must be in just walking. Sorry, but I hate that music. So how long before you took her to the vet? She looks great.

  2. Bless you for helping this sweet puppy,??????she looks frightened in her new home and why is she wearing a nappy ? ?????????❤️


  4. God bless you all and thanks very much for helping rescuing saving and caring for this poor helpless dog ???❣️??. What kind of monster and psychopath that can do this to an animal ???Don’t jail this monster just give him/her back the same cruel treatment they did to the poor helpless dog ? Our gratitude

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