Amazing Transformation Of Crying Dog Whose 3 Legs Have Been Cut Off by the Slaughterhouse Demons

Amazing Transformation Of Crying Dog Whose 3 Legs Have Been Cut Off by the Slaughterhouse Demons
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Rescue Crying Dog Whose 3 Legs have been cut off by the slaughter house demons.- ?? Subscribe Here:

He was cut on all 3 legs. He was rescued from a slaughter house.
When we first found it … tears flowed when they gave it to my lap.
I said to myself, let’s bring him back to life. Let’s Warm his soul and let him walk again.

Have you witnessed the flowing of life through the eyes of a soul.
I was the first time yesterday.
Every creature suffers equally and every creature has feelings
Crying is not just something unique to human beings
And no one will die without living.
I whispered to his eyes that all the pain will pass. I couldn’t look at his eyes, but I felt that sooner or later those who have done this will be punished.

After 6 months, the wound is well healed. He can now walk by himself. The terrifying memories of the past are gone forever. He now has a new life. We are here with him.

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  1. I wish someone would burn every slaughterhouse to the ground! The torture they inflict on these animals is beyond evil! Those poor animals all have the same horrified traumatized look in the eyes! It’s absolutely heartbreaking ????. Thank God for the people saving these precious souls ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Even after all he has gone through, he still wags his tiny tail.
    Dogs don't deserve us
    This doesn't looks like China or south east Asia.
    Where else do people kill dogs for food??
    This is so disgusting.

  3. Shame you who do this to animals.
    Humans don't deserve to be on Earth. Humans are cruel, destructive, cruel and selfish
    These people who work in a slaughterhouse are going to hell.
    Which kind of personality so you need to do this? Which kind of people can life with such an " human".

  4. Together we should stop these inhuman evil practices , the places well knownly sited in most of asia. God is the Greatest and God always wins.With God, we can and will win this if we unite together.
    So so many prayers that this angel gets all healthy and happy running with all his feet fast, Amen! God bless you many many times for this incredible breathtaking rescue . Don't give up doing this amazing work of rescuing such poor innocent angels, please.

  5. The person who cut this dogs will be surely from Asian countries, this people are just worst than animals, savage, uncivilized..he should sent to hell burn with the devil..

  6. I curse those monsters who inflited pain and dishability to that beautiful dog. I wish them pain, all kinds of pain, and hope they be amputated as well, or any being they love . Pain and long life to suffer that pain exponentially till their very last day. HDSRPM!!!!! ?????????????????????????????

  7. Kocham Cię pieseczku.Niech Ci dobry Bóg błogosławi i tym,którzy opiekują się Tobą.Każde żywe stworzenie zasługuje na miłość i ma prawo żyć i cieszyć się życiem.Człowiek nie jest najważniejszą istotą pod słońcem.Raczej najobrzydliwszym,najgorszym gatunkiem poza ludźmi dobrej woli.God bless you and dog.Have a beautiful life.Lilou Angel❤??❤??

  8. I cannot believe how someone called human could punish an innocent animal like this…. who is now the animal and who is the human? Maybe his wounds will heal and he is able to walk again but his soul will never heal… I hate some people and the world that's why I love animals more

  9. Děkuji celému týmu ošetřujícího tohoto psa. Je to bojovník nevzdá to a snaží se chodit ! Jak může stát přihlížet této hrůze JATEK ?!!! Zločin je ubližovat všemu a za toto zločincům patří trest SMRTI !!! Jak vás vidí svět ? Jako slabochy , pokud budete takto týrat živé tvory !!! A lidem kteří pomáhají a zachraňují , patří můj obdiv a mé velké DĚKUJI !!!

  10. Thanks to all of you gays you’re ANGELS and please continuing with this beutiful work I think is bad people out side BUT we’re more people who love and respect the animal Kingwood and we can make t he difference and any animal need to be behind alone in pain scare we can giving the second change and is a beutiful filling after you helped and stray or abuse animal???????

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