The Boeing MAX 8 Scandal & Controversy Explained!

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Edited by: Will Crespo
Produced by: Lili Stenn, Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Lili Stenn, Brian Espinoza
Music By: Jason Mayer
Host: Maria Sosyan
#DeFranco #Boeing #MAX8


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  1. I love this channel's content, but the host's quivery voice is really distracting. Every time I click on the video, I couldn't finish it because the voice makes me feel uncomfortable. I respectfully suggest Maria to take vocal lessons, since public speaking is her career. I'm sure the slight quiver could be improved. I wish this channel more success!

  2. Doesn't matter wether or not people feel safe on the max they're still going to have to fly it at some point as most large European and American Airlines have ordered massive amounts of them. Not to mention when they're back in the air everyone is going to forget this story as always. Controversies have happened with the 787 and even the older 737 classics and majority of the public forgot that. Even Airbus has had multiple issues with flyby wire systems and everyone forgot that.

  3. Americans love solving problems with guns, why is there not a gun pointed at the head of Boeing and/or the FAA which goes off if any of their planes go down? I mean, it would solve the issue and it involves guns so Americans should love that idea!

  4. Thank you for creating such great content! I’m a pilot, and I wanted to clarify one thing… you refer to commercial aircraft several times in this video, but that is a misnomer. I think you mean airline aircraft. Commercial aircraft has a very specific definition in the aviation industry, and I don’t think it means what you think it means. Also, I’m a huge fan of the PDS and I’ve come to expect a moderate and unbiased news show. You aligning this situation with capitalism is not only a misunderstanding of regulation and capitalism, but divisive and overreaching. That’s just my humble opinion, and I still appreciate your content and the work you put in. I’m just presenting something to think about, not trying to tear you down at all!

  5. If the planes design warranted a software fix (MCAS) to make it handle like the regular 737, then why didn't the FAA tell Boeing to inform the pilots? If MCAS could push the nose down without the pilots command then people at the FAA and Boeing need to be imprisoned for manslaughter all because Boeing wanted to make money at the expense of safety.This is bs. Let's see what the DOJ does.

  6. Compagnies definitely shouldn't regulate themselves… Even the government has separation of powers, there's a reason for that.

  7. I'm an engineer – if the only issue with the MAX 8 was a software problem, then whatever, it can be corrected.

    But it's actually bad design which made the software necessary in the first place (you can't just slap a larger engine on a plane, ignore the fact that the positioning is wrong, and call it good!) and that's unacceptably dangerous.

    I would never fly in a MAX 8 and I would never let my friends or family fly in one either.

  8. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but why is this video being released at the end of Feb 2020? All this info has been public for months, and there really isn't any new here.

  9. Maria, excellently delivered. You have such beautiful hair, but I don't think you should wear a solid color black shirt in the future while reporting. Just a tad distracting to have it blend in with your outfit.

  10. That logic for not training is so flawed. I can drive the same model and year of car but would need to be qualified to drive a manual in order to drive a manual car, even though I have experience driving the same car except automatic

  11. MCAS should just deactivate after the pilots input ANU multiple times. The system should recognize manual inputs and the automated system are not in agreement. Seems like an easy thing to add the first time.

  12. People lost their lives because some execs were greedy ?. I had a flight that was supposed to be on the max 8 and i seriously started to worry because everyone was grounding them except America and was seriously contemplating changing my flight but luckily the week before they were finally grounded. Its insane how even after the 2 crashes and knowing something was happening they still didn't ground them in America.

  13. Thank you for that excellent coverage of the Max8 story. One thing that your story, as well as almost every story about this, missed is that the modifications to the 737 transformed it from a very stable aircraft to an inherently unstable one. Boeing's attempt to solve this with computer-controls just passed over the fundamental problem.

  14. Let's not forget after the SECOND crash the FAA issued a continued air worthiness directive along with the American pilots union staying the plane was safe. The entire system is broke including the pilots unions.

  15. Very informative video. Good length too. More like this. If you are gonna put this much time into these to get accurate information out to the public, don't cut other videos on race and religious topics short. Equally as important 🙂 muchlovealways

  16. FAA won’t don’t you let Boeing certify itself while you’re at it since you don’t like to do your job?
    Show up to works just to collect a paycheack.

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