Finding Noah

Finding Noah
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In this inspiring documentary, a group of intrepid explorers go on a journey of discovery and excitement as they climb and live atop a 17,000ft mountain in Eastern Turkey to conduct a scientific expedition to determine the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. Narrated by Gary Sinise.


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  1. Wait…..the Flood was when Jesus murdered every baby in the world with floodwater, right? Cool. Jesus The Murderer. Done kilt ALL the babies on Earth.

  2. This vid is proof……proof that religious people will swallow any bullshit you feed 'em. Shame on the idiot "filmmakers" and shame on Gary Sinise.

  3. The Bible does not say the ark landed on Mt. Ararat. It says "in the mountains of Ararat". It may have landed on any of a number of mountains. Several historians, some of whom were ancient, wrote that there existed remains of Noah's Ark in their time, and that these remains were considered common knowledge to mankind at that time.

    The ancient historian Berossus in his Babylonian History (278 BC) about the remains of Noah's Ark: "The vessel being thus stranded in Armenia, some part of it yet remains in the Corcyræan mountains of Armenia; and the people scrape off the bitumen, with which it had been outwardly coated, and make use of it by way of an alexipharmic and amulet."

    Berossus Caldeus (3rd century.C.), Fragment 4, Babylonian History: "To this day a small part of the ship that came to rest in Armenia remains in the Gordyenian Mountains in Armenia and some people go there and scrape off pieces of pitch to keep them as good luck charms."

    Berossus, knowns as ' "The History of Babylon" existed because the following historical writers quote from the book: Abydenus (200 BC), Apollodorus (160 BC), Alexander Polyhistor (50 BC), Josephus (110 AD), Georgius Syncellus (800 AD), Eusebius, (325 AD)

    Manetho, (300 bc), Egyptian priest who wrote a history of Egypt in Greek about 250 B.C. refers to the writings of prior historians, whose works are now lost to history, "according to which there was a worldwide catastrophe in which a person called Toth was saved. Before the cataclysm, Toth inscribed on a slab of stone in sacred language the principles of all knowledge. Afterward, he translated it into common language. The Egyptians connected the Deluge tradition with their commemoration of the dead, which was done by symbolic ceremony, in which the priest placed the image of Osiris in a sacred ark and launched it into the sea and watched it disappear from sight."

    Hieronymus the Egyptian, wrote the Phenician antiquities, and Manaseas, and a great many more, make mention of the existance of the ark in their day. Nicholas of Damascus, (flourished 1st century bc), Greek historian and philosopher, in his ninety-sixth book, mentions these historians regarding the ark; where he speaks thus: "There is a great mountain in Armenia, over Minyas, called Baris, upon which it is reported, that many who fled at the time of the deluge were saved; and that one who was carried in an ark, came on shore upon the top of it; and that the remains of the timber were a great while preserved. This might be the man about whom Moses the legislator of the Jews wrote."

    Josephus (A.D. 37-c.100) on the remains of the Ark of Noah, stated that, in the country called Carroe, there were "in it the remains of the ark, wherein it is related that Noah escaped the deluge, and where they are still shown to such as are desirous to see them." Elsewhere, Josephus wrote: "However, the Armenians call this place, the Place of Descent; for the ark being saved in that place, its remains are showed there by the inhabitants to this day."

    Josephus wrote in Antiquities Chapter 3 on the remains of the Ark of Noah, "Now all the writers of barbarian histories make mention of this flood, and of this ark; among whom is Berosus the Chaldean" Berossus wrote, "It is said there is still some part of this ship in Armenia, at the mountain of the Cordyaeans; and that some people carry off pieces of the bitumen, which they take away, and use chiefly as amulets for the averting of mischiefs."

    The existence of the ark on Mt. Ararat is mentioned by Theophilus of Antioch (c. 115-185), who stated, "and of the ark, the remains are to this day to be seen in the Arabian mountains". Even in his day, the mountains of Ararat are controlled by the Arabs, thus referred to as "Arabian".

    Epiphanius of Salamis (c. 310–320 – 403), bishop of Salamis, Cyprus at the end of the 4th century: "Do you seriously suppose that we are unable to prove our point, when even to this day the remains of Noah's Ark are shown in the country of the Kurds?"

    Chrysostom (c. 345-407), on the remains of the Ark of Noah, wrote, "Have you heard of the Flood–of that universal destruction? That was not just a threat, was it? Did it not really come to pass–was not this mighty work carried out? Do not the mountains of Armenia testify to it, where the Ark rested? And are not the remains of the Ark preserved there to this very day for our admonition?"

  4. The only place you'll find Noah's Ark is in Genesis. Just one of many fictional stories in the bible which is a collection of stories in bronze age MYTHOLOGY.

  5. I feel that one day continuing the search I feel in my heart it will be found by who I don't know when I don't know that either but persistence will pay off for those of you planning on exploring up there God be with you.?"

  6. it's ALREADY been FOUND.
    Look up RON WYATT.
    LOTS of scientists did tests on that site.
    The Turkish government already declared it as the site.

  7. Why is so many people trying to find the ark of Noah when Ron Wyatt found it decades ago and the Turkish government celebrated his find , he also found the true crossing of the Hebrews and chariot wheels at the bottom of the water and he also found the true Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia and the altar they put the golden calf on when Moses was getting the 10 commandments on the mountain covered in the clouds of fire , it's really sad to me that the powers that be are trying to write their own history instead of the truth, everyone who has the eyes to see and ears to hear put your faith in God and Christ Jesus

  8. AFTER the flood there were no TREES an olive twig/branch was all that a little DOVE brought back. Ffs people.. NOW pay attention so you might learn some common dang sense!

    GIANT Global flood,
    SMALL bird,
    VERY slow water receding
    TWIG aka branch from an OLIVE tree,
    BABY olive tree at that
    LEARN to critically think and question authority
    BE like little children and question reality.

    There is NO mention of God making all the plants and trees like in the beginning; like poof magic, fully formed trees! Therefore, there was little to no vegetation save this tiny olive tree starting, when the Ark landed on Mt Ararat. Annnnd, THEREFORE the ark its self was used to shelter everyone and all those animals. GEEZ how can people be so easily betrayed by historians and the elite of this world? How can they have no eyes to see or ears to hear LIES?! More importantly how can they have NO BRAINS to think??? For lack of knowledge many are lost alright.. ?

  9. Why not hunt for the prodigal son? The story of Noah or the Sumerian original, or the Hindu original, are all based on a allegory and is about something more meaningful than an improbable boat and a family with livestock.

  10. Noah's Ark is an old Fairy tale it is certain it never happened. Geology, anthropology, zoology, the unbroken History of China and Egypt Evolution etc. have proven this in dozens of ways. Bizarre Delusional Disorder A SERIOUS MENTAL CONDITION should not be promoted. Flooding stories are common in flood regions, this does not come close to evidence of a world wide flood. Signs and symptoms

    The following can indicate a delusion:[11]

    The patient expresses an idea or belief with unusual persistence or force, even when evidence suggests the contradictory.

    That idea appears to have an undue influence on the patient's life, and the way of life is often altered to an inexplicable extent.

    Despite their profound conviction, there is often a quality of secretiveness or suspicion when the patient is questioned about it.

    The individual tends to be humorless and oversensitive, especially about the belief.

    There is a quality of centrality: no matter how unlikely it is that these strange things are happening to them, the patient accepts them relatively unquestioningly.

    An attempt to contradict the belief is likely to arouse an inappropriately strong emotional reaction, often with irritability and hostility. They will not accept any other opinions.

    The belief is, at the least, unlikely, and out of keeping with the patient's social, cultural, and religious background.

    The patient is emotionally over-invested in the idea and it overwhelms other elements of their psyche.

    The delusion, if acted out, often leads to behaviors which are abnormal and/or out of character, although perhaps understandable in light of the delusional beliefs.

    Individuals who know the patient observe that the belief and behavior are uncharacteristic and alien.

    Additional features of delusional disorder include the following:[11]

    It is a primary disorder.

    It is a stable disorder characterized by the presence of delusions to which the patient clings with extraordinary tenacity.

    The illness is chronic and frequently lifelong.

    The delusions are logically constructed and internally consistent.

    The delusions do not interfere with general logical reasoning (although within the delusional system the logic is perverted) and there is usually no general disturbance of behavior. If disturbed behavior does occur, it is directly related to the delusional beliefs.

    The individual experiences a heightened sense of self-reference. Events which, to others, are nonsignificant are of enormous significance to him or her, and the atmosphere surrounding the delusions is highly charged.

  11. This debacle brings to mind the Geraldo Rivera/ vault of Al Capone
    Wild goose chase of years ago.
    Can you say … FIASCO?
    Sometimes … It's unwise to search and search … Because sometimes … If you persist, what you find isn't what you were looking for at all.
    Sometimes what you find is hopelessness. And horror. Some things are better left ALONE.

  12. I'm mature enough to now stand pat on my new personal policy:
    Of not arguing about personally held beliefs, or the beliefs of others that I do not happen to agree with; or any such kind of fruitless argument.
    I simply don't care what you may, or may not believe about anything. This policy of mine is apt to make me be happier than fools engaged in stupid head butting bullshit.

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