5 Most Amazing Tornadoes CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

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Here are 5 incredible & amazing tornadoes caught on camera!


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From fire tornadoes to waterspouts, we hand picked this list of 5 unbelievable tornadoes in 2020! All sources are royalty free!

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  1. Ok one thing to say about the El reno tornado. Its windspeeds did not reach 301mph. The recorded wind speed from that storm was 296mph. The only tornado in documented history that surpassed 300mph. Which was the May 3rd, 1999 tornado that reached 301mph.

  2. Thumbs down for showing a hurricane eye while talking about an EF-5 tornado. BTW, the Tuscaloosa tornado was en EF-4. Clearly you should not be making videos on a subject you know nothing about.

  3. Im from oklahoma. I live for spring for violent weather! Sounds crazy but it is exciting..of course sad for all the lives it ends and destructs but i would love to be a storm chaser….. i love the thrill.
    Moore is my hometown, I wont ever forget going to my friends house to check on him and there was absolutely nothing left.

  4. I have asclose as it gets photo's of the April 27th 2011 tornado outbreak in alabama. To be exact the Cullman tornado's on the ground doing damage. I have photo's of the April tornado outbreak back in 1974 that my daddy gave me. It was the largest tornado ever recorded in Cullman Alabama. Those familiar with Cullman saw first hand how cullman was obliterated. My daddy Tell's me he watched it destory everything in it's path. Mobile home parks destroyed. What was once the king edward cigar building made of reinforced steel and brick torn apart and splintered like toothpicks. One of the scariest feelings in the world is to barely make it to the basement, hear the sound of air bei g sucked out of all the pipes. The pressure in your ears and not being able to breathe. Then the sound of of splintering wood then the deafening sound of complete utter silence except powerlines sizzling then the sound of sirens coming from every direction. You soon realize not everyone survived. Some died shielding their children and loved one's.

  5. "It looks like the set of a disaster movie."


    Gee, I wonder if that's because an EF5 ripping through town IS a disaster!  Come on narrator!

  6. Fun Fact about me is that I Actually experienced the El Reno Tornado first hand because I had to flee from the storm, I was 12 and Graded on May 25th 2013 from 5th grade at a School I went to and It really was a Normal Day on May 31st and then out of Nowhere the Storms Developed and Next thing you know everyone was Trying to get out of the way and The Scariest part for me was that if this Tornado turned SE and Hit SH 152 then that Monster wouldve Completely Wiped out my Town and kill almost everyone there but now I live in a Different State but that Day will never Leave my Mind ?

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