Rescued Koala Gets Help From His Favorite Girl | Dodo Heroes Season 1

Rescued Koala Gets Help From His Favorite Girl | Dodo Heroes Season 1
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Rescued Koala Gets Help From His Favorite Girl | This koala was found all alone as a baby, but he became best friends with a girl who’s a koala rescuer. She’s helped him grow up big and strong — and now it’s time for him to be released back into the wild! See more Dodo Heroes every Saturday @ 9pm EST on Animal Planet or anytime on the Animal Planet GO app. #DodoHeroes

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  1. Probably like BC Canada, 50 % of the Fires are Human caused say the Forestry. Australia’s Fires were not all lightning strikes.
    Humans really know how to destroy the planet. Amazon Forest Set on fire to clear the Land. Well done humans, turn the lights out when your ready to leave the Plant as a scorched ball.

  2. Какие прекрасные животные! Пока есть люди с добрыми сердцами- будет жизнь на Земле! Да хранит Вас всех Господь! Мое сердце с Вами. Израиль.г. Ашкелон💌

  3. Девочка нежная! Молодцы,родители,что правильно воспитываете дочку!!! Девочка должна быть доброй,чуткой,терпеливой,нежной,мягкой!
    И коала чувствует это и тянется к ней!
    Очень милое видео,редко такое увидешь!😍😍😍😍😍

  4. They are so sweet and adorable <3
    I don't understand why so many are killing them and now with the awful fires, these poor little creatures are going to be so endangered.

  5. What a beautiful story & adorable video ! I REALLY HOPE THAT THEY ALL SURVIVED THE MOST RECENT HORRIFIC AUSTRALIAN FIRE GOING ON STILL !!! I LOVE ANIMALS !!! Thank you for this sweet video !💜💜💜💜💜💕💞👍

  6. Why oh why can't we all see the world through the eyes of this AMAZING young lady. There is hope in the world Izzy, thanks to you. When you came into this world, God gave us a real treasure and hope for the future. You are a hero!!! Keep on Healing the world young Lady, you are a super hero!!!

  7. Just to let everyone know, Magnetic Island, where Crikey was released, is still free of fire. We've had quite a bit of rain in his area. He's more at risk from hurricanes for the next month or so, as Magnetic Island is in the Tropics, but it's been pretty mild this year. Yeah, I know, Australia sucks sometimes. It's a harsh but beautiful place. We love it here and so do our animals. He'll be just fine.

  8. I still can't understand why these bushfires started and burnt for 5 months for many years bushfires occurred but they were under control why should these koalas etc suffer god bless all those vet doctors volunteers etc

  9. The national resources committee wanted to cull 20, 000 koalas on kangaroo island along with kangaroos, fur seals & other wildlife using poisoning or euthanising
    700 were secretly culled on great ocean rd, victoria & 1.5 million kangaroos each state per year are culled . 2020 , 10, 000 camels , wild horses & donkeys are shot from helicopters !
    the fires are part of weather geoengineering and serve as a way to deforest areas & cull animals !!! the government only cares about wildlife for tourism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Australians, cry to the HIGH, only He can make it rain and eliminate the fire that only increases. Do not accept to ask for help from entities (strange gods), this will only further aggravate the IRA of the Eternal God! This is happening to awaken you and the world, what is to come, upon the earth and upon men. See, it was foretold: "The earth shall be utterly destroyed and utterly plundered. The one who spoke this word was the Lord. The earth withers and withers, the world withers and withers, the nobles of the earth wither. The earth is defiled by its inhabitants. because they disobeyed the laws, violated the decrees, and broke the everlasting covenant.Isaiah 24: 3-5 Repent and return to the Lord. Raise a cry in the churches, with fasting and prayer. The Eternal is merciful. Intensify your prayers, people of Australia! He says in his word, "If I close heaven so that it will not rain or command the locusts to devour the country or to send my plague upon my people, if my people, who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn away from his evil ways, from heaven I will listen to him, forgive his sin and heal his land. 2 Chronicles 7: 13,14.

  11. Children who grow up with pets develop a more well rounded sense of sympathy, empathy, and selflessness. Get your child a pet. if they are allergic, get them a turtle or even fish…

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