Rescue Poor Dog Was Handicapped & Abandoned And Amazing Transformation

Rescue Poor Dog Was Handicapped & Abandoned And Amazing Transformation
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Rescue Poor Dog Was Handicapped & Abandoned And Amazing Transformation

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This poor dog was handicapped and abandoned.
She lives wandering on the street with handicapped legs.
Probably by accident …
We named her Rain!
We approached and rescued her …
After the X-ray, we conducted treatment …

Nearly 2 weeks in Vet, she can walk back ..
This time, she moved easier.
Today, she is very happy and happy …
She is very sweet and friendly.


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  1. God bless all kind people like you!!! I am sure you will enter the paradise insallah 🙏🏽doing good things like helping others in need will come to you back !

  2. You do such a wonderful job, giving these poor animals a second chance at a happy home. Please don't ever stop what you are doing, I'm so glad there are people like yourselves out there!!!! 👍

  3. So sweet, so gentle, despite her pain and being unloved, uncared for. She is an Amazing Spirit, the kind you can find only in a dog. She's a real beauty. You want to hug her all day & tell her you love her. With all my heart, l hope she gets the home, life & love she deserves. 🤗💖🐾

  4. OMG that was horrifying. That poor doggo 🙁 I was watching and saying to myself I hope they splint her legs or re-break them and heal them proper. Your team does such amazing work! Please keep it up 🙂

  5. The difference from the day she arrived, then seeing her spirits skyrocket. I'm so happy that she's no longer suffering cause she looked like if she was in so much pain. You guys do the most beautiful thing. You give hope.

  6. Собачки выздоравливайте ради всего святого!!! Кошки собаки без вас плохо! А что с ножками было почему изогнутые были? С костями слава богу ножки вылечили! Ты теперь здоров и если здоров то счастлив! Прыгай бегай грызи только будь здоров!!! Песик!;;!!!подружился с другими песиками! Happy for you!!!!!

  7. This video has around 1/2 a million views. Mercy Ships, an organization that goes to poor countries and provides free healthcare and surgeries to suffering men, women and children get a couple hundred.
    I am happy that the suffering dog was helped but it really makes me wonder about some things.

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