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Ghost caught on camera, my paranormal experience
So I think I might have caught a ghost on camera. Let me tell you about my scary paranormal experience. Do you think it was a ghost?

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Disclaimer: I own all rights to this video. All opinions are my own, and I’m not getting paid for this video.


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  1. I 100% believe in ghosts and this possibly could of been one or because you had your flashlight on, it could just be a few dust particles..i sound scientific but idk ;D

  2. My brother who is now three used to stare at a wall and on the wall was a photo of like a Jesus type quote and he used to point in the same spot and say boat so u think he like saw like Noah and his boat or somthin

  3. when you said 'I would throw the ball and he would catch it' you made it sound like Bentley was a dog.. I'm new to your channel so I didn't know who Bentley was. but great video!

  4. Samething happen with me. I have a 2 year old and when she was younger she would stare at one corner in my room. They say it's their guardian angel or like you said someone who has passed away

  5. My mom was making a video of my dog once with her iPhone 6 and there were little things passing around the screen like that. She had flash on though which reflects off dust leaving it to appear as an orb. I do believe in ghosts. But as babies are younger they ha e trouble keeping focus so they may stop and stare for no reason bc the doctor told my family when my mom asked about my little sister randomly staring. He said it's hard for babies to focus so commonly they will stop and try to refocus, causing them to stare. I do believe in ghosts but I have had this happen to my family and it has come to a reasonable explanation.

  6. i did see 2 orbs~ i don't know if its ghost or not…. but creepy that your cam malfunction'd after~!! it's not a coincidences. Somethings strange go'n on~!! ^_^

  7. I didn't see anything but my daughter could see a man who when she described him to my husband, her father, he said she was describing his grandfather; whom she'd never seen a picture of.

  8. My brother said goodbye to my grandad and then he said "bye man… Bye other man" when there wasn't anyone there – he also waved and grandad was looking the other way and smiled… It was really weird
    Another time I went to Greenwich Palace in England and when I was filming there were dots getting bigger and bigger on the screen – I didn't notice until I got in the car but it was down like a staircase that was chained up… Then the chains moved and I was the only one there … It was really creepy!!

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