Craziest Near Death Experiences – r/AskReddit

Craziest Near Death Experiences - r/AskReddit
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Craziest Near Death Experiences – r/AskReddit

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  1. I was climbing along a steep and kinda high cliff with some friends. we were all happy and stuff while hiking and messing with each other when we came upon a staircase form looking part. (it is important to know that the ground was sand.) well everyone got up it safely, except me because i was stupid and didn't use the conveniently placed nature banister. (yes there was a root that served as a banister) Well i slipped and didn't scream because in that case, I was too shocked to react. thankfully there was a river below, but i didn't hit the river. I stomach slammed into the secondary cliff about lets say 4 feet below, and frantically grabbed at the sand. i slid down, and into the river. and OH NO. it does NOT end there. my friend apparently lost his fishing pole in that same river, and I JUST SO HAPPENED to have fell in the SAME FREAKING SPOT! i didn't hooked, but the line wrapped around my ankle while I was under water. I started frantically paddling upwards but only went down to the muddy floor. At this point, I had no more oxygen and started clutching my throat with muffled screaming. I finally got the line off of my foot after being under there for about 30 seconds by this point. I reached the surface! But there was one more problem, one of my crocs were floating away. I didn't want to lose those crocs so I swam like hecking Micheal Phelps and got my croc back. Now i'm soaking in full clothing, shirt, shorts, and crocs. so 2 men came and saw my obvious peril and lifted me up a ledge so i didn't drown. Still my closest encounter with death.

    that man who helped me is now in prison.

    TL:DR. almost lost my life because of a fishing line.

  2. I haven't had a crazy near death experience that I can remember
    So I'll give an "I almost never existed" one lol
    My dad had really bad pneumonia in 7th grade and was hospitalized. They gave him penicilin. That is the worst time to learn your body is not a fan of penicilin.
    All I know about the rest of the story is that dad was fucked up for a while, and that liquid diets suck.
    So yeah, dad was almost obliterated, and that would have in turn made me, my sister, and my niece never exist

  3. Closest I've come so far was when I was in middle school and got pneumonia so bad it eroded a hole in my lung. After a month of agony from the fucking hole in my lung, the doctors x rayed me and were like oh god we fucked up you're literally dying we thought you were faking it. Now I have a gross scar on my back, my slightly smaller left lung shows up weird in x rays, and I don't have as deep lung capacity as I did before. But at least I didn't die haha

  4. Very short one, but I was swept underwater and close to the second sandbar by a riptide. My ankle got stuck in something (it was either coral or rocks, I remember it feeling hard) and was underwater for maybe 1 min 20 sec. I eventually calmed down enough to rationally cut my losses and get big cuts on my ankle instead of dying.

  5. When I was 14 years old, I almost got trampled by a scared horse who escaped its enclosure, he was so close to me… I was so shocked that I literally couldn't move for at least a minute…

  6. My brother accidentally threw the ball at the road and theres me getting the ball and theres a car the car almost killed me.

  7. A construction truck almost crushed me and my mom at a loop overpass that was clearly going way faster than us.

    Also I had a shit-ton of near-misses while driving. Most of them where I could have been at fault. The others were because some idiot decided to brake on me hard and I was literally 1 foot away from hitting the car and I had that automatic-instinct reaction to yank the steering wheel to the left and got on the other lane. Iam surprisingly really good at avoiding hitting cars when driving at any speed.
    parking, however. Is a different story. I suck.

  8. My mom always made me go to this kids house that I didn’t like because he didn’t have friends and he shot at me with a .223 rifle and I could hear the crack of the bullet right next to my ear.

  9. In the early 1990s I went out with a few friends, MP platoon to a local lake: 🏞, central VA area. We were drinking & partying 🍔🍗🍻🍷 on a barge, dock. I was "over served" 😑 but jumped into the lake to swim around. I went under the dock, float by mistake. I started to panic 😳 because I was underwater, drunk & turned around. I started to calm myself 🧘🏼‍♂️ then followed a rope to the side of the dock, swam up to the side. I almost drowned. 😧.

  10. Why do you make it say askreddit by reddify when all you do is make cheap profit off a text to speech bot reading reddit posts and comments? Don’t ask like this is original and your own content.

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