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A 80’s teenager, bored by traditional high school subjects like biology but fascinated by computers, accidentally taps into the Pentagon’s top-secret computer…the USA’s NORAD system. He starts what he innocently believes is a computer game called “Global Thermonuclear War,” but the “game” is real. The Pentagon’s best minds cannot shut down or reprogram the supercomputer that is readying a missile attack against the USSR, and thereby unleash Armageddon. The teen and his girlfriend attempt to aid the helpless Pentagon and, in a frantic race against a ticking “doomsday clock,” try to persuade the computer to end the “game.”


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  1. 22:00
    You don't need good grades to get into college.
    You don't need a high-school diploma to get into college except maybe the ivy league. The University wants your money.
    Learn this lesson kid (if you're an average student)… there's even dopey students in college

  2. ' 3745 time )
    FYI , when your girl sounds a bit
    questionative , get not mad ,. NO.
    Sit down slowly next2her ,':
    Rub her back gently and then
    focus on her thoughts .
    Love , honest people , those will be the
    1's … … … ??☠??

  3. More than just a movie…
    lots and lots and more of morals.

    Even evolution…
    just like Joshua going through codes
    Nature had to do the same to accomodate Nature…
    Silly huh!
    yes, can you imagine nature guessing for the first cell.
    the directives
    the operations
    imagine how long it took to learn to divide
    not only that
    billions of very complicated organisms
    billions of very complicated species
    many many billions of years of evolving?

    OR just prefabricated?

  4. Been a long time but I remember this movie and it always reminds me of Stanislav Petrov. If you don't know who that is you owe it to him and yourself to look him up. A real hero who saved the world.

  5. Best hacker movie EVER. This movie made politicians believe you could launch missiles by whistling launch codes over phone line. Just ask Kevin Mitnick.

  6. I graduated with a computer science degree in 1982, the year they were filming the movie, and had already written 3 working game programs myself. This had all the best tech of the time. I've loved this one for near 40 years.

  7. This movie will never be out dated.because this is always in people's and the world's concerns and fears.since we are born is the first thing we learn.fear to a nuclear ….warfare!

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