CUTEST puppies ever!
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CUTEST puppies EVER! Extended vlog!

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  1. @acdcfandl32 they probably think they are not the CUTEST, which they r. I have 4 rotties at home and they r sweet and loving but people r afraid of them. If they dislike puppies, I WILL KILL THEM I THEIR SLEEP!!!

    Who dislikes puppies is right

  2. @ZeroThreeSixteen I almost was bit by a Rott too except it was my fault. I was clipping her nails and I got to close to the quick and she was letting me know in her own way. Luckily I moved my arm in time that her teeth just left a bruise on my arm rather than an actual bite. :/

  3. @SCOTTaMINUTE Thank you, i believe i did heal And im not blaming the breed, i'm just a lil paranoid when im around big dogs in general. I do the nervous laugh-its-so-cute thing. muhaha

  4. @ZeroThreeSixteen Rottweilers are VERY smart and sweet, but also very protective. I wouldn't blame the entire (or every) breed over one incident. I hope you healed well. <3

  5. i was bitten by a rottweiler and had to get 7 stitches when i was in the 2nd grade. I'm still traumatized! .. and it was my Uncles dog! It died 2 weeks later… i think i gave it a disease lol.

  6. @SignalsOverTheAir For most breeds, 17-20 lbs. at 7-weeks old would be HUGE…but for Rottweilers, it's normal. After all, this breed typically weighs 90-130 lbs. (40-58 kg) as an adult! 🙂

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