Crazy Car Close Calls Compilation – Most Insane Near Collisions Of The Year 2019 (Part 1)

Crazy Car Close Calls Compilation - Most Insane Near Collisions Of The Year 2019 (Part 1)
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Craziest Close Call Compilation Of The Year 2019

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(Clips in video – In order)
1. – Near collision by blue car cutting through stopped traffic
2. – [USA] [NY] Close call in a roundabout [not the cammer]
3. – oblivious man is oblivious
4. – Near miss on A23
5. – Idiot driver moseys across intersection, is nearly T-boned.
6. – [USA] Crosswalk idiot in Boulder, nearly 5 seconds of green light
7. – Indecisive Driver NEARLY Causing Multiple Highway Accidents!
8. – Oncoming traffic
9. – Amost Head on Collision
10. – [USA][TX] Girl bolts across lanes of traffic
11. – [USA][IL][OC] Car decides to merge into my lane when they are parallel with me instead of ahead of me
12. – Dangerous Biker
13. – Route 1 Police Chase
14. – [USA][TX][OC] Near miss on inaugural drive after installing my first dash cam.
15. – 2019 11 26 60fps
16. – Subaru Near Miss Head-on Collision
17. – Ez a suzukis tesz róla, hogy izgatottan ülj repülőre
18. [UK] Idiot lane-cutter nearly causes crash –
19. – This is why i have a dashcam
20. – trim D8EDAC42 8292 4FD6 B9CF 2B4AE44E4F1E
21. – 2019 1128 172629 671
22. – Red truck nearly hits me head-on
23. – Close call on dashcam
24. – Frontier mid corner lane change
26. – [USA] Car nearly merges into me; beelines to the left lane before settling into the traffic flow [MI][OC]
27. – Near miss high speed auto wreck
28, – Near Crash on I-95 | Bad Drivers USA

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  1. Yeah that last one it's all her fault not only did she not pay attention to the warning her a car gave her that there is a disabled vehicle ahead also she sees all these lights and then she just kept going and then freaks out whenever They get too close…

  2. 1. Maybe slow down and be aware in this type of traffic…
    2. Learn to clean snow from every part of your car..
    3. Slow down is residential ? Maybe also scanning always…
    4. Nice work.
    5. Can't fix stupid.. Maybe need glasses…
    6. Should have just hit her…Maybe look at the inside guy and wonder why he isn't going…..
    7. You see bad driver maybe don't follow him, But in this case glad you did thanks.
    8. Great work keeping distance. Being aware of what was going on and not dying.
    9. Shouldn't change lanes in the intersection. But good watching out.
    10. Yet again should just hit her….
    11.Great work.. Shoulda followed them then ran them off the road…
    12. Fucking bike riders..
    13. Impatience people get people killed
    14. People love turning when they can't see..
    15. But my Signal was on… Sorta douchie..

  3. Exactly the reason I have a dashcam because of morons like this. People don’t pay attention to their surroundings, it’s all about them.

  4. All These Driver's Are Using Defensive Driving Techniques!
    Which is really good to see!
    Honking one's horn, is a way to communicate, to other drivers, that they are doing things incorrectly!
    If a driver, goes thru a roundabout, it doesn't mean that the next driver has a "Free Pass"!
    It means the next driver and every driver behind him should proceed with caution! When their time comes to enter the roundabout!
    If you're in a hurry,
    Leave Earlier!
    Don't put your ineptness Upon Another Driver!
    It's Not Fair To Do So!
    And Could possibly lead to a road rage
    Have some patience with other drivers, not everyone knows exactly where they are going!

  5. Why are roundabouts so hard for Americans? We have 2 right by our house and it's like an accident a day. YIELD to drivers in the circle, and pay attention to whether you can go all the way around or not! It's not that hard people.

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