Christmas the Puppy’s Incredible Transformation | PETA Animal Rescues

Christmas the Puppy’s Incredible Transformation | PETA Animal Rescues
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When PETA Asia fieldworkers found Christmas on the island of Taal Volcano in the Philippines, he was tiny, covered with lice, and suffering from infected, pus-filled wounds on his back. But they could tell that he was a fighter. PETA Asia’s staffers persuaded his guardian to surrender the tough little dog to their care. He recovered and was adopted, and now, he’s full of energy and celebrating his first namesake holiday with a loving family, a cadre of canine companions, and more toys than he has time to play with.

PETA’s mission statement is that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way:

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  1. Its disgusting how parents get these poor animals for CHRISTMAS LIKE JEEZ THEY ARENT TOYS HUMANS ARE THE MOST TOXIC ANIMAL

    if we didnt exist the world would be beautiful

  2. Peta said that were christmas was as a pup was at normal peta help place, he must have had those sores for a bit, and so much lice suddenly? They dont come from no where peta, and u never told us what caused it, so maybe you dont care as much as you say.

  3. This, THIS is the only thing I wanted PETA to do: No standing against the ecosystem nor human biology, no shamming the poor, defenceless candians or the Japanese for skinning animal fur, just, trying, to, stop, the animal abuse

  4. Wow.. PETA asia, I have a few visitors from here.. they picked up a baby bird because it was on the road.. The kids are good with the bird.. They aren't squeezing it a lot and they are feeding it water.. It's really nice to see ????

  5. PETA please help theres a youtuber whos forcing her Carnivore fenix Fox Jumanji on a vegan diet it looks So undernurished and bony her name is Sonia Sae

  6. Gosh dangit, why is stoning illegal these days? Back then, nobody did anything wrong. The crime was very VERY low. Now people get away with too much shit. America is the place with the most jailed people when it should be the country where people are scared to commit crimes (because stoning would be illegal). There would be news coverage across the nation that if someone committed a crime, citizens like you and I could stone them to death.

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