Woman Carries Around Tiny Rescued Wombat Like She's Her Own Baby | Dodo Heroes Season 1

Woman Carries Around Tiny Rescued Wombat Like She's Her Own Baby | Dodo Heroes Season 1
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Woman Carries Around Tiny Rescued Wombat Like She’s Her Own Baby | This rescued baby wombat is so little that she’s still pink — and her human mom carries her around 24/7 to keep her warm. To help Donna save more wombats, you can support the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary: http://thedo.do/sleepy. Follow them on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/SleepyBurrows/.

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  1. Is it because your family is starving? How about your family being in danger and needing saving? How about the danger to other people and animals?
    No! Most humans kill other living things for Pleasure. That's right, for the fun of it. To feel more Macho, to think your dicks bigger.
    And we call ourselves the more advanced ones.
    With respect from the west:

  2. I came here after i watched this couple in a show on animal planet ? love them and their daughter! They inspire me so much!

  3. Any people from the government watching? Many animals involved shooting by bad humans. Abuse n kill. Human beings population increase in this world n not even half of it save the earth, save the animals. What the government law are there for? Nice people Save all creatures in this world n pay taxes to government so to protect these bad people who commit nature crimes. Sad.

  4. This is kinda neat. I've originally from Jamaica but now live in the states, and I've never heard about wombat until just today when I saw a news about a man stoning a wombat to death. So I googled wombat and decided to take a look on YouTube to see how they lived their lives. They are people neat animals and would make good pets. I like them ?

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