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  1. I have a friend that got hit with the that’ll from a trailer hitch just like these guys are doing it came through the back window and bounced off the roof inside and hit him in the head almost killed him

  2. get rid of thatt chain and put a huge rope on it , just use a chain to double loop it to the axle and them get after it ,….before it goes thru tie a buoy of some sort to it so you can find it again . minn law says it must be removed…………..too bad stupid didnt see the pressure ridge???????? ray charles could have seen that

  3. I value my vehicle and I don't do stupid stuff with it, but if I ever did get into trouble like that, and some twat took an 80 mph run up to do as much damage as possible to my vehicle, then I would do the same amount of damage to his head with a tyre iron.

  4. Wow people never seem to amazes me when it comes to being stupid. God had to make stupid people other wise there wouldn't be balance. Natural selection basically also pretty boring content way to long for each video

  5. I've read that popular ice fishing areas have this problem alot. At days end, many people leave at the same time. They create waves in the ice. When those waves collide, the ice weakens or even breaks.

  6. @16:30 omg lol. The ford 4×4 is stuck getting out of the ice because he was such a big man and didnt listen to someone who knew which way to go to get out.
    And a Buick Skylark car made for the street goes tootin by in the backround.. LOL

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