Sleep Hypnosis Movie People are Awesome & So Are You for Positive Self Image & Happy Sleep

Sleep Hypnosis Movie People are Awesome & So Are You for Positive Self Image & Happy Sleep
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Hello, my name is Jody and welcome to my movie, People are Awesome for Positive Self Image. This is a Sleep Hypnosis Movie to watch at bedtime so you will be able to relax and become sleepy before you go to bed, or while you are drifting off to sleep. You can close your eyes now, or anytime you would like to. I have put together some clips for you to watch, just in case you would like to leave your eyes open, for a time, and see what people look like when they are being awesome, relaxing, sleeping, or doing all of these things at the same time. As you do watch this movie, or just relax with your eyes closed, you might ask yourself, “What does people being awesome have to do with my self image?” If you are asking this question, please allow me a few seconds to explain….I’m beginning with the assumption that you are a person. and if people are awesome and you are a person, this must mean that you are awesome too, and I would like you to feel that way about yourself and others. We live in a society where our self image or self esteem is often under attack, both overtly and covertly, from a variety of sources. Likewise, we are also subject to messages that we are to dislike others, for many reasons. It’s nice to like yourself, and it is also nice to like these other people with whom you are sharing a planet. I’m not saying there isn’t anything about myself I would like to change, and I don’t always agree with everyone about everything either, but I do enjoy the general feeling that I am an okay person, other people are okay too, and I love us all, without bothering to sort out who deserves it or not, just because it makes me a healthier and happier person to feel this way.
Now enough with the introductions and let’s get ready to relax very deeply……


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  1. Jody, you're truly a gem. Your videos have changed my life and continue to. Thank you, thank you for being such a beautiful, positive influence in my life. ??

  2. All blessings surround you Jody! Thank You for helping so many people get the rest&relaxation they need. This message of unconditional love is powerful.Great job!

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