Super clear footage of UFO in Quebec caught on camera

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Check out this crazy footage in Quebec filmed in October of 2018. What do you think it is? A UFO?

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  1. thats definetly not a Balloon,i had have 2 eyes in my head and everybody who teils that is a weather balloon is a liar from the army cia bnd and so on……….smoke weed every day and god is a gabber

  2. Um vídeo de tão alta qualidade e com um nível de zoom tão alto, ao ver os comentários que criticam o balanço da câmera logo se imagina que quem critica não tem o hábito de avaliar vídeos mas impressiona a quantidade de comentários tentando tirar credibilidade do vídeo sem o menor esforço para fazer um argumento verdadeiro

  3. Omg you can really see it!!! You can see it was enclosed at first and then it started to open up afterwards! You can see the lights clearly too!


    I took a bunch of screen shots and that help me see it clearer

  4. If he would only stop talking and focus on holding it as steady as possible we could have had something but nooooooo! But I think it is a foil letter shaped balloon that floated pretty high and into the sunset. It seems to be the letter (h).

  5. 1_ turn the audio off before watching.
    2_ expect some very unstable footage.
    3_ enjoy one very freaky UFO .
    It's got to be hightek manmade…. surely.
    Otherwise this place is swarming. Yikes.

  6. "No one ever has good quality recording of UFOs cry cry cry"
    man takes good quality video
    "Why is the video shaking so much, he's only zoomed 600x while recording an object moving across the sky"

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