FREEDOM!: Rescue sow and her six piglets explore their forever home

FREEDOM!: Rescue sow and her six piglets explore their forever home
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PLEASE SHARE: This is incredible. Watch the sheer joy of this mother sow and her piglets experiencing the outside for the first time!

Hope Apple Blossom and her six piglets were rescued from slaughter by Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary. Today they get to go outside and explore their forever home!

For more videos and photos of their amazing journey to safety check out


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  1. Hey, how many piglets did they adopt and save? Its one thing to preach how keeping pork off your plate is a way to keep pigs alive, but an even better way to keep pigs and their piglets alive is to adopt and raise their own! Just think how happy you and your new cute lil' piglet will be, running free in your home and/or yard!

  2. Just came across your channel. What a wonderful video. This is just what I needed to see thank you so much Vegan for life. Love and respect from Australia ??❤️

  3. This is my favorite video and I’ve watched it every time I feel sad.
    The momma pig reaches her head to the light and says THANK YOU GOD.

  4. Thank you so much for rescuing this precious family. I have shared with comments on Facebook and Twitter. I hope more and more people can understand the preciousness of these animals. They have to face their guilds. May the world start to go vegan for them. Thank you! You are our heroes.

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