Rescue Poor Dog With Epilepsy In the Garden

Rescue Poor Dog With Epilepsy In the Garden
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-Rescue Poor Dog With Epilepsy In Critical Condition
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– The garden team noticed the dogs barking at the door. This is the boy’s situation!
The gardeners recorded it and they called us to help.
We are immediately intervened, the clinic vehicle went to get an emergency!We didn’t know what else to say, prayed for a miracle for him. I hope he can hold on …

Our doctors are trying their best to save him.
Thank goodness, the crisis is over and relieved … The general situation is very bad, unfortunately … Nothing much to say, everything is done, after that it is up to the desire to live and God. Don’t spare your prayers.
Today he can eat a little with our help.
We are at the beginning, we pray that he will resist and overcome.

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  1. This is so sad!-Than you so much for rescuing him. I come to these videos to leave 1 but it disturbs me so much!-Of course, it disturbs these poor animals even more!-God bless you and may He send help to all the animals out there. We are getting criticized in our complex for taking care of a homeless cat. We feed him and pay the Vet for his vaccines. He sleeps inside whenever he wants. In a way he is not homeless anymore but my husband had to stand up for the cat in our AGM.

  2. PLEASE give him the medicin he needs, I know the dosage is very important, he will NEVER recover by himself. Obviously he had a grande mal seizure, the most exhausting thing… I know because I am suffering from this gruesom illness myself, he will need it all his life but he will not be suffering, helpless and hopeless anymore. Please try to find it…. I will always be grateful to you for giving him a second chance…..

  3. For the seizure to last so long he must be in a bad way. Poor soul at least he won't know what's happening. He needs a thorough investigation and lots of love and attention.

  4. This is heart breaking to see, by the condition of his body he's been starving for a long time and has mange, most likely a host of parasites it's no wonder he is having massive seizures. Thank you for rescuing him he deserves to be shown that not all human's are cruel and will love him! Isn't there some kind of medication that control's and stops the seizures?

  5. 살고싶은  아이들을 버리는  나쁜놈들은 제발 벌을 받고.도움을 주는분들은 가정에 좋은일만 생기도록 바랍니다.?????

  6. Espero se recupere pronto este hermoso angelito este mundo es muy cruel hay muchas personas sin corazón no puedo creer que este pobre animalito haya llegado a esto y nadie haya hecho nada muchas gracias por haberle ayudado

  7. Muchas gracias por la labor que hacen pero creo que no era necesario ponerle la cosa en la boca se estaba muriendo y con eso en la boca creo que era más desesperante porque no podía mover su boca imágenese ustedes no poder respirar y con algo en la boca creo que como él estaba no hubiese mordido no era necesario ponerle eso pero muy agradecida porque lo ayudado que Dios les bendiga muchas gracias

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