5 Scary Ghost Videos That Will Make You HIDE In The COMMENTS

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The Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera!
Paranormal activity caught on tape by ghost hunters and everyday people. Everything from creepy little hands reaching out of the darkness to an abandoned haunted house where a poltergeist throws around a hundred pound water tank. Real or fake? You decide.

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  1. If Those English ‘ghost hunters’ SHUT THE FUCK UP for a minute we might actually get involved -don’t believe a fucking minute of their bullshit -false as fuck…awful people full of shit acting like children and expect us to fall for it like children .’whats up’..‘what’s up’ -acting hard with ghosts -lol

  2. That's whats crazy about the power of belief and he effort of maintaining discipline. Why Middle East has it more apparent out respect for the past and fear of the power that comes from the unknown, why I believe in the middle eastern ghost videos over the "American" ones.

  3. Jeez. you know you're not going to see anything when they have "dramatic" shots before the haunting, followed "narration". MEANWHILE in the other countries (all others) its just people trying to record to show they're not crazy

  4. Is been three days since my dad passed away is was on a Sunday morning what I heard that he passed was in the restroom but the thing is that it doesn't feel haunted, the house that we live in it feels safe

  5. The first one… She supposedly got dragged into a room and tossed around it was like 'oh what happened' and a few seconds later, they hear a 'tap' and they all shit it and run off? get a grip ahahah so fake

  6. Omg so phoney the first video … such shitty actors lol …if that happened she’d be screaming and running …not just ohh I just got dragged that’s all lol ?

  7. Even when you're interested in evil stuff like that and do things and keep liking this stuff and you end up dying it ends up staying where you live and you will be the one that's haunting too as well. All these videos are creepy I love listening to these kind of stories I myself is into like dark stuff but not to the point of it's hard to explain but it's not like evil evil I just like watching videos about dark things is that wrong or bad ?

  8. If something pulled me into a room. I'd leave period. She's acting pretty chill considering. Also those ghosts of the East don't play. Sheesh give this dude a show. Ghost Adventures get a run for their money.

  9. Nigga ur titles starting to look that that lame ass nigga chills titles. Dont emulate that piece of trash, he posts obvious fake videos and acts like he thinks they are real. He is not that stupid, but apparently he thinks his audiance is, and lets be real most of them are because they keep watching his obvious fake gci bullshit. Im 100% sure he makes fun of his fans. i would to if they kept eatin that fake shit up and getting me money.

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