Dog Abandoned On A Desert Island Is Thrilled To Be Rescued | The Dodo Faith=Restored

Dog Abandoned On A Desert Island Is Thrilled To Be Rescued | The Dodo Faith=Restored
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This abandoned dog was stranded on a desert island in Paraguay and he keeps thanking the brave kayaker who rescued him.

Special thanks to Fernando Monzón for sharing this video with us! Revisit the original rescue on YouTube:

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  1. I’m glad he’s ok. It makes me sick the way some ignorant/cruel people treat their animals. If I even get a suspicion of animal abuse I call the ASPCA. Years ago I saw this poor dog chained to his dog house and was always outside exposed to the elements so called the ASPCA and the owner was forced to walk her dog. A week after I called I found her walking him at night for the first time ever when I was driving home. She was a worthless miserable human being and she’s probably dead now.

  2. Thanks for that spectacular rescue. Amazing, but good, that dogs won't have the terrible memories of their negative past.
    Dogs ask so little of us, only love, and that never changes.
    Our children ask so little at the beginning, but then things really start to change.

  3. Bravo, bravo bravo ! It is verry important to save the life of animals, all animals. If you stop fishing, you will a lot of animals. Fishing give a terrible suffering. But yes, bravo to save a life.

  4. ❤ To Fernando Monzon .. The vet and staff .. And every one who helped save this sweet dog – THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU ALL! ❤

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