Inside Transylvania – EPIC ROMANIAN FOOD + Wild Stews in Brasov, Romania!

Inside Transylvania - EPIC ROMANIAN FOOD + Wild Stews in Brasov, Romania!
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Brașov, Romania – In this ultimate Transylvanian Food tour of Brasov, Romania, we started off with a huge lunch, then continued to eat Transylvanian truffles, had a massive wild stew dinner, and ended the adventure with an e-bike ride up the ski slope and Romanian mountain breakfast. #Romania #Transylvania #Brasov

Huge thank you to Cristian Macedonschi ( for hosting us in Brasov!

La Ceaun – Just after arriving to Brasov, we went for lunch in the center square. We tried a huge assortment of Transylvanian Romanian foods. An amazing way to begin this food tour of Brasov.

Cucinino Pasta Bar – After taking a walk through the city and walking the hills around the city, we stopped at Cucinino Pasta Bar, mostly with the intention to try Transylvanian truffles. Amazing.

Hotel Alpin – Poiana, Brasov – From the center of Brasov, we drove about 20 minutes up the mountain and checked in to Hotel Alpin a classic ski resort hotel.

Stana Turistica Sergiana – Dinner was one of the highlights of this entire experience for me, a traditional countryside Romanian restaurant. The different stews, including deer, rooster, and beef cheeks were outstanding. Highly recommended restaurant when you’re in Brasov, Romania.

Cabana Postăvaru – Ski Lodge, Restaurant – In the morning, after riding an e-bike up the side of a ski slope, we had a huge Romanian mountain breakfast.

A fantastic food adventure in Romania, and thank you again to Cristian Macedonschi ( for hosting us and making it happen.

Also, thank you to Nassim ( and Cristian ( for setting up this incredible trip.



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  1. Romania is such an amazing old world country. The architecture is stunning. Loved that mountain top chalet & other rustic eating places. All the food looks so healthy & delicious.
    Nothing over-done or pretentious. Even the rooster balls looked tasty.

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