Eating a GIANT GEODUCK in Washington! | Exotic Seafood!

Eating a GIANT GEODUCK in Washington! | Exotic Seafood!
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During my trip to Seattle and Washington State, USA, one of the things I was most looking forward to doing was taking a day trip to Samish Bay, home to Taylor Shellfish Farms. It wasn’t too long of a drive, but it was a beautiful drive and well worth it. We pulled into the bay and the shellfish farm mid-morning. Although I knew we’d be eating as many oysters as possible, there was something I wasn’t sure we were going to have a chance to eat, but I desperately wanted to try it.

We were in luck, the had it.

Yes, I’m talking about a geoduck (pronounced gooey duck). It has to be one of the most bizarre, strange shaped shells of them all – I don’t think we need to go into details here. But it’s truly unique and soon I would find out how delicious it was.

You arrive to Samish Oyster Bar and Shellfish Market and you can choose from a dozen of so different types of oysters and they will either shuck them for you or you can shuck them yourself, we chose the latter option. We also got a couple crabs, and of course the geoduck.

The kind staff at Taylor Shellfish Farm sliced up our geoduck into sashimi slices, sectioning off the siphon shaft from the body part, both of which were different in taste and texture. They did an amazing job slicing it up. The geoduck was absolutely amazing, so sweet naturally, which a wonderful cartilage like crunch to it.

We also had a plate of Pacific Northwest Oysters, all of the varieties which were fantastic and unique.

I would highly recommend a day trip up to Samish Bay to eat fresh and amazing local seafood at Taylor Shellfish Farm, from the source – from tide to table!

Total price for everything – $129.16

Since Samish Bay is not too far from Bellingham, we continued our drive to Bellingham where my friend Jason took us to a few of his favorite breweries.

Melvin Brewing – First we stopped at Melvin Brewing, and the highlight for me was the Thai poutine, something I had never tried before, and it was actually dangerously tasty.
Total price for everything – $86.96

Kulshan Brewing Company – Next we stopped at Kulshan and ate at StrEAT Food Bellingham.
Total price for everything – $26

But the highlight for me was undoubtedly the Samish Bay experience, and getting to eat the strange and exotic geoduck delicacy from the source!


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  1. Elephant trunk? LMFAOL! By the way, in Seattle, it rains 365, days, in a week…, or so! How did you get that sunny day, in there??? LMFAOL, again!!! Place some Tabasco, on the oyster! Perhaps, some green chili sauce with lemon, chassed by a dry white wine.

  2. Just love the Geoducks! Mark, glad you did this video…it's not very appetizing looking at first but ooh they're soooo delicious raw or deep fried.

  3. 8:58 Kumamoto, which is after a name of a prefecture in Kyushu region, western part of Japan. However, Kumamoto doesn't have large catch of oysters…

  4. Geoducks are great. We used to eat them all the time when we were kids in Seattle, until the prices skyrocketed when they became a big Asian export and became too expensive for us locals. Depending on where you slice the meat, you'll get a fantastic firm crunch (the giant foot), or a very soft, velvety texture (body) that's a rich yellow meat.

  5. Lol when he took a swig of the starbucks coffee I expected his eyes to widen and him go "Mmmmmmmm! This coffee is SO fragrant, its got this unique flavor. SO refreshing! " And it was weird when he didn't and I had to tell myself it was just Starbucks ?

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