Bondi Rescue Season 4 Part 15

Bondi Rescue Season 4 Part 15
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The best in real life rescues, resuscitations, lifeguard saves and emergency situations that Australia’s busiest beach – Bondi – can offer!

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  1. As awesome as the life guards all are, they all do seem to suffer from a bit of exaggeration. Do they not realise they're being filmed? There's no need to say "I had to reach right down to here *points to shoulder*" When in fact he was barely up to his elbow. They all do it, even Hoppo.

  2. i don't know why some people are such dickheads to life guards yeah there are some cunty ones near me but not on the beach, there was this 1 guy who made me do 2 lengths everytime to go in the deep end but only me everyone else could go in, I ended up going to one of the main lifeguards telling him that and then since then he hasn't told me to do it

  3. To be honest I don't think to many was that thankful because some may have been saved more thin one times but they think it's funny when they feet don't touch and get swept away. By the way I still never seen a lifeguard react like he did funny but not perfectly. Hope he will be retiring soon.

  4. I'm asian and actually i really like to slap the face of that girl. Those are the type of person that is full of stupidity and ignorance

  5. I really want to know what the Asians are saying to each other when their laughing about this stuff. And the big question. Why don't they get it? Is it their culture to see help as something to laugh at

  6. Korean people are stubborn and they always don't listen for most of the time. I'm dealing with them all the time and most of them having rude behavior and one of the most stubborn tourist we always dealing with

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