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  1. So our foreign owned government flooded us and now the taxpayer is made to pay. Hey, why should they care, their not held accountable?
    Every time it rains now, you can rely on the fact that history repeats itself. As a result, every home now needs an ark, a life raft at the ready.
    Then there's this, If they can do that with rain water, imagine what they are sending down the taps?

  2. The utterly insane belief that there would be no more rain caused the dam operators to forget their instructions even when the dam was full. This is what you get. Sorry for those people, and sorry that I was taxed $900 for someone else's negligence.

  3. They were always in the right.
    Most of this goes back to the Government of the time.
    This was a Political Decision that should have been made in consultation with Experts.
    The catchments were all saturated. Every spring running. Wivenhoe Dam was at capacity. The odds were one more big Rainfall event and there would be disaster.
    No formula can cover these events. No Engineers should be asked to make this opinion call. Weather forecasts are not perfect. No formula or guide can ever be written to cover this type of situation. Thats what we pay Politicians for. The gutless bastards did nothing.
    I with my background as the Son of a Creek Farmer who understands how floods happen most of the time was waiting for the Gutless hopeless Premier and Minister of Water at the time to make the call.
    Start steady releases of water from Wivenhoe Dam weeks before that was built not only for water storage but to moderate flooding in Brisbane.
    There call. A political call. All long range Weather Forecasters agreed the odds were we would get more heavy rainfall that summer.
    They did nothing. Sat on there ass. I waited and waited. I emailed the Premiers Office weeks before. Nothing!
    Nothing like the Politicians we had in 1974 in a similar situation. Real Politicians with Guts. A Labour Mayor of Brisbane and a Nation Party Premier who worked together.
    Not like the School Girl that was Premier at the time of the 2011 floods.
    The call was easy. The dam was full, all the Land was saturated, the long term Forecasts were for more Rain. One month before they should have started steady releases. Run the Dam down 10%. Then it could have performed its intended second purpose. Flood mitigation. That would have happened if we had the Mayor of Brisbane and hands on Premier that were in power in 1974. That is half the reason that Dam was built. Flood mitigation. They would have agreed weeks before the sensible thing was to run the Dam down by 10% weeks before.
    Real men or women in charge opposed to a School Girl Premier and School Girls and School boys in the Cabinet.
    She made plenty of other stupid decisions that cost the State Billions.
    She could not even make this easy one.
    Looks like they had plenty of Lawyers there to convince the Judge it was the Engineers fault. It was not. They are being made the scapegoats.
    There Department from here on in should refuse to take this responsibility on. The Institute of Engineers should take a stand and defend there members.
    Put the responsibility it where it belongs. With the Premier and the Minister for Water Resourced at the time.

  4. This is good news. Now go after the idiots that went for desal instead of dams and the morons that kept issuing building permits in the flood plains of the Murray Darling Water Basin!!!

  5. You bought property willingly and know it was in a flood prone area. No one lied to you, no one deceived you. Now anyone explain why you believe I must be forced to bail you out of the mess you chose to get into of your own free will. This is very wrong to force the taxpayers to bail out these people.

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