5 Most Extreme & Destructive Storms Caught on Camera…

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Sometimes storms are devastating, forcing thousands to run for whatever cover they can find. Many homes and shelters have been completely devastated due to the power and danger of extreme storming and on this video, we will show some of the wildest storms that have been captured on video. That show mother nature is not to be best with…


5. The Typhoon Haiyan
4. Hurricane Mitch
3. Hurricane Harvey
2. New England Hurricane
1. 2017 China Floods

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  1. My mother remembers sitting on the kitchen cabinets with flood waters filling the house. An uncle came in with a boat to rescue them both. Frightening!

  2. I was in Harvey, rained for days. One more day and i woulda flooded. I left as water was nearing my foundation. Luckily i drive a F350 cause when i fled I had to go thru 4ft deep water for up to half a mile. I had my foot on the floor and that water held the truck to about 5mph. Water was rollin up an over the roof. Terrifying. Ended up not flooding, and since we have underground power/cable i never lost power or internet. Tropical storm allison put 6ft of water in my house. That was a huge flood in se houston

  3. Former Homestead FL resident and hurricane Andrew survivor. I don’t fear the storm….I fear the bad people that come after the storm. If they trample people on Black Friday, imagine when there is no law. Hence the name…

  4. For anyone living in California, Kind of scary to think we are sitting ducks for the big one.
    I’m 27 years old and haven’t experienced Mother Nature. Respect Mother Earth ?

  5. my house flooded during harvey, about 4 feet of water. lost basically everything we owned and we had to gut the entire house. day we evacuated my mom was crying because it was the first year she had allowed our flood insurance to lapse because the neighborhood we live in, in the 40 years since it was built, had never flooded before. there's still people that are trying to recover from harvey down here and a lot of empty houses and every time it starts storming or even just raining a lot everyone gets nervous. i can't even sleep anymore when it's raining a lot.

  6. As a Puertorican, mother nature is what it is… no storm is worst that the other. They all bad bc leave behind a trail of destruction. If ppl can not see that then is on them. But what happened to Texas is what happened every year in the islands of the Caribbean, the only difference is that USA moves fast to help their ppl, every other country has to wait for help…

  7. Hurricane Harvey hit Houston,TX not Dallas. I live in Houston, and I experienced Hurricane Harvey. Harvey devastated my city, it gave us flooding that Houston hasn't seen in over 1000 years. I will never forget seeing the city I call home underwater

  8. "nature can be scary"? I hope you mean human nature. this is only the beginning and it's because of humanity's contempt for nature and creation.

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