Real Ghost? captured outside Bradford PA in the forrest (Lewis Run, our backyard)

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wife and i were making a quick clip to send to the family in California to show them where we live now. (outside Bradford, PA in a little place called Lewis Run. There are quite a few strange things ive noticed but nothing like what i saw at the end, You can hear me say “whoa!” or something like that, and you can tell my wife was a little freeked out from the beginning. Please give me your thoughts, or questions. I’d appreciate both, its between 2:13 and about 2:17. This was takin with a coolpix digital cam. shot today.



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  1. Crazy I use to live in Bradford. We lived on Summer St. That was back in the 80's. I live in Georgia now but my mom lives in Derrick City now.

  2. This was at my house and it was raining on top of a mountain ( not my upload though )
    This is video 1 of 3 that I have of that day.
    Its a hot spot for civil war activity, witnessed by me and other videos over several years.
    I just told them about what I saw recently and they just wanted to see what they could see/show family back home of a mountain in Pa.
    I slowed this video down on a computer that day, & it was a civil war union soldier walking by.

  3. I love not far from this place. Not quite a ghost…

    Hoogasakas are the spirits in them woods. Mostly cool but some are creepy. They come from the civil war. I saw a child and her father (i think) one nite. On big shanty road. They both had single bullet holes in their chests…

  4. People needs to realize there are crazy things that in true life we will see if we slow down . I've seen many things I my younger years .. I'm a believer

  5. i think it's weird that people can't just read what you said about the video and then skip to where you saw whatever it was that you saw…apologies for people who were so rude. OK.. so, have you seen anything else? i know it's been years since you posted this.. i hope you still get and respond to comments. i saw what you saw. if you weren't trying to deceive people then, you caught a ghost. it's not some sort of reflection or anything. at first i thought you might have gotten water on your lens when you looked up and then had some sort of reflection thing from the tarp. but no.. i don't think it's that. what i think it sort of odd is that it takes place in 4 seconds but, when you slow it down and move second by second, frame by frame, you can only see it in one frame… at least i can only see it in one frame. i just think that's so odd. i do believe in ghost sometimes.. sometimes i don't. to be honest i have no idea what's real and i don't think anyone else does either. i don't think we're meant to know and i'm ok with that. i believe in God the Son, God the Spirit, and God the Holy Ghost soooo don't i sort of HAVE to believe in ghosts? is that even the same thing? and, to be honest, i love surprises and i'm not the person who snoops through Christmas gifts (anymore, i did as a kid lol) so i when i get to Heaven it's all gonna be a surprise and i'm ok with that.
    again.. if you see this..have you seen anything else?

  6. I ain't afraid of no ghost. Nah. I used to tell myself. Then at 3 in the morning at home all alone my bed covers slide off by itself and I jump out of bed and scream "A GHOOOST!!!" I guess I am afraid of ghosts when I'm alone at night.

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