Fat People Are Awesome! #FatShaming

Fat People Are Awesome! #FatShaming
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My thoughts on fat shaming and worse yet, fat acceptance. This video is not meant to make fun of those who have overweight. I’m more than happy to help out everyone who wants to lose weight and I think there is no shame in being fat. That doesn’t mean that I support it and that’s why I do see some positive things in fat shaming too, namely awareness.
Remember that being fat is only one characteristic of an individual. Even though overweight is not a positive thing, I think we should respect those who have some extra pounds around their waist. The problem is that it’s a big problem for society and general health of the population, not to mention how terrible it is that there are people literally starving to death whereas others are overeating themselves to death.

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  1. On the other hand almost all the mass shooters are thin. If you see an interview with a prisoner and the prisoner is saying something like "Yea, I'm in for life, but they all deserved to die. I did the right thing." chances are he's thin. Fat = ugly, disgusting Thin = crazy, batshit, kill everybody in the school crazy. So there!

  2. If your fat your fat its the same as someone with bad teeth but u just dont point it out they know how they look . Once u get a certain size its hard to go back 🙁

  3. Yes fat shouldent be premoted, but this video really pisses me of because when your fat you oviesly like food, you sed its east to prevent well honey its Not!! Please take my advice from someone who isent fat but is chubby when you like food so much you cant just all of a sudden stop eating it and start ONLY EATING SALLED!!!!

  4. I've seen 500 pound people get skinny. So please don't say it can't be done. It's called changing eating habits and staying very active. Seems like common sense to me and no I've never been fat. But if you're okay with being fat then you will be fat for the rest of your life and will always blame others for it or make excuses for yourself. Good luck!

  5. I'm sorry but that was a foolish comment. Making fat people aware they are fat. Really you think they don't know they are fat. We live in a society that wants to dictate who and what is acceptable. Fat shaming should not even be a thing. Who's business is it anyway to tell someone how they should look or how much weight they should have on them. We all have short lives no matter how long we live. We need to focus being the best we can be from the inside because that is a bigger problem than what's on the outside of a person. If we all took the time to do that we wouldn't have time to speak on things that don't concern us.

  6. Being fat is no not cool. it kills your attractiveness and hurts your body. leftists are going way too far with their acceptance movement

  7. If with "fat" he means "overweight" (which I think he does), I pretty much agree. In that sense it's kinda like smoking, people damage their health and both shaming or encouriging it is wrong.

    However, if "fat" is used here as in common usage in our society (including people who may be a bit round but aren't overweight by any means), than I strongly disagree. Hell I even find many girls attractive which are fat (and I actually like that they are fat).

  8. I agree 100% Well said! Fat Acceptance is one of the worst movements of modern society. Why accept being unfit and unhealthy when with some hard work you can change it?

  9. hi Jerome, I've recently undergone stomach surgery to get rid of a blockage in my bowel and adhesions pretty much everywhere in my stomach. My doctor suggests I find a way to get fit again without putting strain on my stomach. I'm not allowed to do any sport until Christmas, and I don't want to be unfit by the time I'm allowed to do full-on exercises again. How can I regain the muscle mass, energy and stamina I lost in the hospital without straining myself? I also have an overweight Mum who has diabetes. Until I fell ill, I did calisthenics, and would have done it with my Mum but she told me she couldn't even do a push up. How can my mum gain the strength to do push-ups?? My Mum is just blowing her money on the gym, because she doesn't go consistently and hasn't got a good workout plan. I really want to see her happier and healthy. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  10. Unfortunately enough, in say a country like America, fat acceptance has come to existence because being overweight is now the majority. Hopefully people come to love their bodies for their potential and not just the state people tend to end up in.

    And I agree with you here Jerome, well put 🙂

  11. Bullying is the extreme weapon for extreme imbalances. Life does it all the time. It will pull the deep mental trigger that will help transcending limitations.

  12. can you objectively say that being overweight is a bad thing? where do you draw the line, and how do you decide when someone suddenly becomes "fat"? Do you think having a tiny bit of excess fat is a bad thing? What about someone slightly more chubby ? 5lb overweight, 10 lbs overweight, 20 lbs overweight – it is not black and white- and the same can be said for being underweight. Going by your criterion of "healthyness" being underweight should be just as bad, same with sedentary lifestyles. There is nothing 'wrong' with any of those, they are simply not conducive to optimal health. Consider two individuals, a chubby person who spends all their time reading and learning new things, and a super healthy person, who spends all their time in the gym but is otherwise boring and doesn't have any other hobbies. Can you really say one is "better"? I'd personally lean toward the chubby person. Optimal health is one thing, but beauty and "being better" is definitely another, and I don't really think any single individual is in a position to judge, alas the cliche, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with being overweight, and if someone makes the choice to be comfortable being above average weight, they have every right to do so. The world is a big place, and there is room for all sizes of people. Obviously literal obesity is a real problem in society, and should not be encouraged, but there is also a problem with making the argument that women and men alike should be physically perfect, when people can be both healthy and still attractive with some amounts of body fat. You should check out some of Peter Paul Rubens' paintings from the Baroque period for a perspective of beauty. For thousands of years, humans have been depicting fertility in the form of very voluptuous women

    Another problem I have with your video, you say "don't blame institutions for making you fat", but socioeconomic status has a huge impact on this. Lower income families lack the education (and means) to eat healthy and even worry about what they are eating. When a fast food meal is as cheap, and several times quicker than the alternatives, not to mention "tastier" (not my opinion) to the family, it is obvious why that is so readily eaten. have you seen the average school lunch in america? From elementary school to highschool, the average daily meal served in the school cafeterias are greasy pizza, taco salad, burgers, sweetened juices, sweetened milk, etc. Sodas and sugary drinks are probably one of the main causes of people being overweight here, and it is a systemic problem when you can buy a soda for less money than a bottle of water. Nutritional education here is something that is hardly present, and even less so relateable in our society, and this is a big problem.

  13. Btw I get shamed by fat People becus they say I'm to skinny say I'm man Arexic and Boney even tho I have muscles i never bully fat people becus we are all human and have feelings I always compliment people on there positive features like there smile or there eyes becus we all have weak points to our bodies as well as strong points to our bodies and it makes one feel better to compliment then to complain about things

  14. How can I increase my muscle insurance? Also is it true that the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn while resting?

  15. I am overweight myself. Thankfully not morbidly obese but i feel how it damages my body.
    People who are overweight many times get annoyed when you try to encourage them when you tell em how good it will do them, because they can't argue against it and know the others are right. This fat acceptance movement is nothing more than a huge shield they want to but in front of them so they don't have to deal with their own mistakes.

    Thanks for that video Jerome. Thanks for your tips and advices.
    To all people who are overweight too and reading this :
    Change comes from you! You can do it. If you can actively damage yourself,
    you can also make yourself more healthier and fitter and its probably a lot easier
    than the other way around.

    In one of my favourite modern catch phrases :
    Just do it!
    You can!

  16. Truth. people need to stop mothering fat people, it's not healthy. like fat acceptance people are idiots, I saw one say "It's perfectly easy to be healthy and be over weight." NO it isn't, maybe a few kilograms but it isn't ideal and if your bmi is over 25 you are not the healthiest you can be. I don't know how people can get to that stage of being obese, surely you'd notice it and do something about it.

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