Rescue Stray Dog Who Is The Heartbreaking Picture of Possible Extreme Animal Abuse and Neglect

Rescue Stray Dog Who Is The Heartbreaking Picture of Possible Extreme Animal Abuse and Neglect
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This Dog is the heartbreaking picture of possible extreme animal abuse and neglect- Rescue Stray Dog Had Given Up Hope ?? Subscribe Here:

– He was posted on a local Facebook forum page by a homeowner who happened to see him. Some rescuers saw the picture and sprung into action! After about a week he was captured and brought immediately to Family Animal Medicine in owasso. Based on the info from homeowners in the area, he was a stray for appx a year and when he first showed up he did Infact have a normal face. He has deteriorated over the year he spent on the loose.

Unfortunate circumstances that don’t matter anymore kept him from being vetted. He has been at the vet a little over two weeks and although we still don’t have a diagnosis, we are treating him symptoms and he has greatly improved. The most remarkable thing about Phoenix is his spirit. He is electric. His pictures aren’t perfect because of how he looks it’s because of the energy he emits and anyone who has spent any time with him can attest to this. He is an absolute ambassador for his breed, and I am so happy he has been able to touch so many hearts and affect so many.

Let him be your reason to do something for the less fortunate today and every day. All it took was a few people to care.
If everyone cared just a little the world would be a lot less ugly. Phoenix’s world will never be ugly again.
He will never suffer again, and we think he knows that.

Information Credit for all Rescuer & Donation please support them to Rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them as below:
3- Donate:

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  1. I watch tis video many times. He is so beautifull to me. I really love him. I am so thankfull that his pretty eyes were not harmed. I love the way he looks into the camera at everybody.

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