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Ghost Video! Real ghosts caught on tape! In our last video: we left the cameras recording and managed to capture footage of a real ghost caught on tape! Many people said the reason the Ouija Board fell was because someone was hiding behind the tv. Watch this video. There is no room for anyone to hide behind the tv. The board didn’t just fall or get pulled with a string, it flips violently as if someone flipped it upwards! If it’s not a ghost then what is it? Click here to see the original video: and please subscribe to follow our investigation! Leave comments below!


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  1. Ghosts of dead people are demons on disguise to lure people away from
    God. "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the
    judgment:" HEBREWS 9:27
    KJV Time is short before the rapture. Jesus Christ is the only way to
    heaven. Know and believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your
    sins and sins of the world shed his blood and rose from the grave on the
    third day and went back to heaven to prepare a place. Turn away from
    your sins and admit your a sinner, confess and repent of your sins and
    ask forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal
    Saviour. God will forgive your sins and after you get saved keep on
    asking forgiveness when you sinned.

  2. Plain solution fucking move out of the damn house or fuking call a priest u just trying to make money of of either fake shit or real shit just move on

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