Visit Minnesota – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Minnesota

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Visiting Minnesota on Vacation is a must do, the people are fantastic, the nature is glorious and its seriously clean! Here we go through 10 things that people not from Minnesota will find shockingly great about visiting Minnesota.
Filmed in Duluth, Minnesota
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  1. Minnesota: The state that can't decide what season it wants to be at any given time. (I am a certified Minnesotan to talk about this.)
    – Can get hotter than Georgia.
    – Can get colder than Antarctica.
    – Had a blizzard during April 2019
    – Had a heat wave literally two months after that.
    – Then fall lasted too long.
    – Minnesota can't decide what it wants.

  2. We're used to the cold, but by no means do we love it. Minnesota's known for it's amazing safety (as the video said), hospitals (Mayo Clinic), and just overall togetherness. But people don't come for the snow. That's just the price to live here.

    Any of you wonder why Minnesotans talk about the weather? It's practically unpredictable. We had that polar vortex last winter and we had 11 days off from school, not counting delays or early outs. It got so bad that even teachers were struggling. (The polar vortex actually killed like 22 people in Minnesota, I think)

    What's hysterical is that I don't remember being cold last year, even though it hit the negative 60's with windchill. I just remember a lot of snow. So much snow.

    We just got our first snowfall yesterday actually. And man, was he right about roads clearing up fast. We've got an army of people on snowplows.

  3. fun fact you mentioned portable potties…. here in europe the city of minneapolis is mostly known because if you use the stand up part of such a potty you're looking right on the manufacturer's label…. and it seems most of these are made in Minnaepolis 😉

  4. 1. Natural Beauty
    2. Friendly People
    3. Love of MN/UMD
    4. Cleanliness
    5. Safety
    6. Haulers But No Semis
    7. Traffic lights on on-ramps
    8. Snow and cold
    9. No alcohol on Sundays
    10. MN accent

  5. I lived in Boise for 3 years. When they got 5" of snow they called it "snowmagetten" and I giggled. Minnesota is great but avoid Duluth jan to march, trust me.

  6. Minnesota has far more than 10,000 lakes my friend. All great for fishing. Bring a rod and reel and sit back and enjoy. Then go inside after 5pm because the unofficial state bird begins to flock in vast numbers at that time and will suck you dry of your blood. No kidding!

  7. Minnesotans aren’t friendly or nice that’s a myth ! There’s a lot of nasty people out there too! The Old people here are just rude and nasty! Minnesota isn’t safe either !

    You aren’t safe here people are cold and nasty !
    Have you seen our winters ?

  8. You fly here from anywhere in the winter you well be shocked how freaking Cold it gets here,be prepared and make sure you dress warm or you well freeze your ass off.

  9. Another fun fact the state capital was actually supposed to be St. Peter MN in Nicollet county but someone stole the documents for it to become official and buried it! Every year at the community center they have a activity to “find the medallion” of Saint Peter and the winner gets a prize varying every year. It’s a nice sized town a little over 12,000 in population I believe with nice restaurants and is 12 miles above Mankato if you follow highway 169. Saint peter also sits right next to the Minnesota river and was originally my home town!

  10. Wait, it’s normal for people to be rude and places to be dirty?! Woahhhhh? I obviously live in mn and I’ve only known people to be friendly and everything to be clean. That’s shocking tbh

  11. Laughed at your comment about hauling, I haul plants home on the bus.
    You can now buy liquor on Sunday- limited hours though.
    I'll eat just about anything smoked.
    I'm from a family that came to minnesota in the 1870's and have no plans to ever move out of state.

  12. The funny thing is even Minnesotan bears are friendly, well mainly the black bears. Just be carful around them because there still a wild animal, especially if they have cubs. Other than that, there pretty friendly and you could pet one if it got close enough.

  13. Lol! It used to be like that in Massachusetts years ago. You could not buy liquor on sundays. I actually miss some of them old ways. Sundays were always family days. Nothing would be open.

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