Lion Caught In Trap Gets Rescued | The Dodo

Lion Caught In Trap Gets Rescued | The Dodo
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Lion Caught In Poacher’s Snare Gets Rescued | This lion was badly tangled in a poacher’s snare — until people did what it took to save his life ?❤️

Video by: Keith Dorsch

You can help these rescuers save more animals, by supporting AWARE Trust Zimbabwe:

Footage provided by Jukin:

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  1. This remind me of Bobby shmurda–Bout a week ago hot n+gga music vid with all the random dudes showing up becuase they have no jobs and see a camera crew so they suddenly think thier rappers too

  2. The fear in his eyes… Most humans are cruel, some are monsters, but thank god some are heroes.
    Btw when he woke up the first time i laughed so hard. Lion: what..? Rescuer: nothing ?

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