Rescue Stray Dog With Giant Tumor Almost As Big As Her & Amazing Recovery

Rescue Stray Dog With Giant Tumor Almost As Big As Her & Amazing Recovery
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– This is Magnolia. And her tumor.
This sweet dog was found on Mahogany Road a few days ago. She has a giant tumor protruding from her side – the largest that Dr.Michelle Mehalick has ever seen. X-rays show some hope for this poor girl – there is no sign of metastasis, meaning no evidence that cancer has spread to her organs or elsewhere in her body. But Magnolia’s quality of life right now is zero – she can’t even walk.
So in a little while, our medical team is going to attempt to remove the tumor. It will be a long surgery, because the tumor is so massive. There is a significant risk of blood loss, and other complications.

After Surgery last 1 hour … the tumor has been removed! It weighs 14.9 pounds.

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  1. Don’t worry we’ll pray for magnolia to heal and be a normal dog let us know the subsequent health of him so that we can rest assured we’ve done our part !

  2. CAN RELATE! I had a cyst/pelvic mass so BIG, I look 5-6 month pregnant and I had to get a hysterectomy Come on little one, you got this. People are prying for you

  3. Спасибо вам что помогли такому чудесному песику.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??☀️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. I wish I can build a mobile electric animal gurney to transfer the angles after surgery.⬆️⬇️ Just slide them onto there care mats. They can be so heavy and delicate.

  5. Poor puppy. To have that tumor is bad enough but to have been dumped, too. I hope she recovers from her loose and her surgery quickly. Sweet baby girl.

  6. its disgusting enough that some heartless,uncaring people can abandon a dog,but to let her get in such a heartbreaking state & then dump them like they never gave you loyalty & love is a total disgrace,you are not fit to own a pet or a child come to that,your cold & vile.!!!!!!

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