Real Ghost Caught on Video Tape 3 (Season 2 The Haunting)

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There were two paranormal events that took place for me to start recording this video. The first was I saw the ghostly image of a girl in the library and the second were noises coming from the books. the ghost decided to start throwing books around the room and there were some strange ghost like sounds recorded on the footage. I do not know why the tape screwed up in the middle but it is starting to feel like something new has awakened in the house.


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About the Author: Mark Apsolon


  1. Can it be anymore fake? Now if u would have kept the camera on the buttons the whole time I might wonder how that happened. But what tells me its fake is all these books fall off the shelf and buttons spell out help all by themselves yet dude keeps making jokes. His reaction is what gives it away the most. No matter what u believe if that stuff happened to anybody u would b a little more freaked out then joking about having to pick the mess up. No reaction what so ever. Seriously people really think its real? Idk who he is trying to fool. Us or himself

  2. He already lied about not knowing why the vid messes up cuz I'm an audio engineer and I know for a fact that it was purposefully edited that way so common sense tells us this is fake af

  3. This is obviously fake and the story line is a whole messed up like I want to know what happened to Madeline and Sophia but now it's just like jump scare videos and I know i'm a few years late but cmon… Where's the stories now it's just pointless scaring videos

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